is it worth watching?

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Don't know about weeds, but I'd take a look at her bush.

Jumps the shark more than a couple times in the last few seasons but it’s still entertaining and comfy.

if you get frustrated at a protagonist that causes their own problems then no


Weed: is it worth trying?

How long have you been a landscaper?

Not really. It becomes asinine almost immediately. But it's considered milfkino if that's your jam.

Yes just don’t expect some intense visual psychedelic experience that tv/movies have painted it as. Also don’t get in the habit of doing it daily if you’re strapped for cash

Yes but only take 2-3 hits if it's your first time and wait 15 mins before you take more.

I fucking hate Nancy Botwin so much

I can't remember if it stopped being funny in the second season or the third season but the first season is hilarious.


this scene turned me into the sissy faggot I am today

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Well that's the joke, user. Bush, while meaning a shrub that you might find in a garden, is also slang for vagina. Women have vaginas, so the slang term "bush" applies to the woman in OP's pic. The show is called "Weeds", weeds being another form of plant life, which you might find in an unkempt garden. I'm playing on garden terms for slang terms.

Also, she's got a cute ass that I'd tongue punch the fuck out of.

The first 3 seasons yes
The shows not the same after

what is the appeal? I think since sex is hypothetically anyway you probably aren't really into this. I think if you have vanilla sex you'd forget all about this

Falls off a fucking cliff quality-wise as the seasons progress. Easily binged though if that’s what you’re looking for


It's basically a less edgy breaking bad?

bush isn't slang for vagina it's slang for pubic hair

My mistake, but when you look at pubic hair, you're probably also gonna see some vagina.

When I was 15 I used to look up the promotional posters for Weeds and blow my load to them.

I've never seen the show though.

Bush is slang for pubic hair you fucking underage moron

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>Jewish music intensifies

It starts off as a comedy then becomes a less edgy shitty as fuck breaking bad ripoff not worth watching at all after season 3

It gets really boring really fast

Stopped watching after whatever season where it got boring and it kept trying to be edgy for no reason.
>we need a van, we rented a van, it used to belong a priest, he was a pedophile, there's the sex swing he used to have sex with underage boys. look at it swing. that's our van. let's go weed.
and then some shit happens but it doesn't matter.
I liked the first seasons though. Suburban life breaking down, poverty, idiocy, absurdness, uncaring society, drugs being both good and bad, anomie, milfs being borderline thots. There was a certain progressiveness to it, the downward spiral had surprises. Without being so downward because mad drugs money kept them afloat. It was well done and entertaining.
It just got old. Felt like subversiveness without any smarts eventually. Felt like they got a reputation for being edgy so they went fuck it let's just bank on that this doesn't need to go anywhere.

wasn't it older thatn BB?

This. The show becomes literal dexter tier after that.

It started 3 years earlier, the 3 good years I spoke about, but went on for a while at the same time, and weeds got progressively shittier. Not saying they were directly taking cues from BB after a while but i wouldnt doubt it either

I liked it.

She looks like she...

That's up to you, drugs are only a tool, all serve the same purpose.

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