What's the moral of this story Yas Forums?

What's the moral of this story Yas Forums?

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Only NPCs and niggers care about sex


Better to kys early than wait until 40.

wearing polo shirts when you dont have nice biceps is a sure way to look shit

raising other peoples children will get you pussy

Literally Yas Forums come to life.

If you don't have sex them you're just... ugh...

I'm 24 and I have never been on a date or kissed a girl.

Have sex, virgin

Why don't you try? I work will disabled adults and they fuck even

I've asked out 15 girls and have always been rejected.

I thought I had a date once but she told me halfway through it's not a date.

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just date ugly bitches, dude

None. Judd Apatow doesn't know shit about morals, he's a shallow bandwagoner.

>I thought I had a date once but she told me halfway through it's not a date.

Tell me the whole story user.

its never to late

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Me in a year

That he should have fucked the charlies angels cunt or lady with the titty hanging out at the speed dating instead of going after that pruney old bitch

>What's the moral of this story
Abandon your hobbies and sell all of your possessions so that you can have sex with a woman and pay for her daughter's college tuition.

This is literally imposible

> just started university, Yas Forums but ugly
> working out in my campus gym and work in with this girl doing assisted pullups
>I about 5.5/10, chinese
> I do some weighted dips with 110lbs for sets of 8
> she says im strong, starts talking to me
> never had a girl talk to me with enthusiasm like this
> ask her out, she says yes
> spend the next few days happy thinking I can finally turn my shitty incel life around
> agree to meet outside the university library and grab a coffee
> when she arrives, hug her and say she looks good (she doesn't hug back which worries me)
> Uni is shut down for christmas, nobody around and nothing to do
> I never go out and socialize so I don't really know where to go
> just end up wandering in the cold, I say we should warm each others' hands
> grab her hand but she's not really holding back so I hold her hand for the remainder of the date
> end up walking to the waterfront, it's cold and dark and humid as fuck
> say it's probably a bad timing for a date
> "Oh I thought we're just hanging out, not really a date)
> a piece of hope shatters inside my tortured soul
> start walking back
> she asks me how many dates I've been on
> lie and say 3
> I lie well but she def saw through it
> tells me she's never dated herself
> still holding her hand btw, conversation is stopping and it is getting fucking awkward
> throw in the towel and ask her if she wants to hang out at my place but she refuses
> end up parting ways at campus, apologize for misinterpreting things, she's nice about it
> go up into my dorm room and cry into the pillow
> feel guilty about lying about what I am and send her pic relate

She was too nice, really


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how much longer Yas Forums?

10 years and 4 months here

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Ah that's not even that bad bro don't be so hard on yourself, and just think: next time you won't be so autistic because you know what not to do.

im 24, and i lost mine a couple months ago

They reject me too

i seem to only attract autistic girls. My first kiss was when i was 17 with this chick who was blind in one eye (her good eye was green and the bad one was blueish white). And the other girl is polynesian and had really bad anxiety. She wouldnt stop asking me if i hated her.

Take what you can get man, my first kiss was with some thot at a club and afterwards she sobered up and wanted nothing to do with me and just went home

god please kill me


The unspoken moral is if you don't get married soon enough you'll be left with used up leftowers with a kid

The "moral" is that fornication is great and people who don't fornicate are losers. It's totally satanic.

There is no moral. It's just a load of scenes of a guy being a sperg, getting bad advice and fucking some woman with kids because she pities him and sees good in him.

Funny because some of my friends in their early twenties are already shacked up with girls who have kids

they had options and fucked up
people who are the same age as the main character of this movie really don't have that many options

This. Although Andy should have gone with the kinky 30 year old. The chick he married had dependents which is always a bad idea financially.

>another dog whistle incel thread

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Unrealistic as fuck. He refused this.

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and thats a good thing

Tfw you message ugly girls on dating apps and they dont respond

Honestly, having your first sexual encounter would clear up a lot of why he wasn’t into that. But that would require you actually having sex first.