What the fuck was his problem?

What the fuck was his problem?

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he just wanted to make him a great drummer

it wasn't quite his tempo

only s1 is good.

I would have posted this before you guys did but I was banned a minute ago

Not enough pictures of Spiderman

this show sucked balls to be honest, can't believe i got memed into believing it was the proto-wire.

Who remembers Keller's heel turn on Beecher with Vern where he broke all of Beechers arms and legs? Brutal, pure kino

Half the cast was on The Wire but it wasn't related in any other way

>iTs SchillinGER!

people told me it was *the* hbo show before sopranos and the wire. i expected good writing and believable characters and excellent production values, instead i got a friday night nickelodeon skit with prison rape.


I'd watch a friday night nick sketch with rape desu

It's call Dan Schneider's career

>hate niggers
>hate faggots
>be placed in a cage with them for life

His existence is a metaphor


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Hey Skallenger help me out

wtf bezos is a nazi?

Did God really speak to Rebadow?


None, he did what he should have done.

>hates faggots
>constantly having faggot sex
Ah yes, "complexity"

It went over your head.

I have never seen so much nudity in a show before, and they don't hold back by using angles that hide things either.

I never got this. They muh drugs throughout the show but buttfucking dudes and forcing whites to become assslaves is kosher.

Oz is a pretty weird show. It has brutal murders and rapes but has a dreamlike - almost fantastical - quality about it. Not many shows/films have this juxtaposition.

that arc about pills that make you age years and he becomes an old man but stops taking the pills and becomes young again and it's never brought up again

For sure, it's really immersive.

Oh yeah, what the fuck was that?

only first few episodes

It sucked dicks to be honest

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It's another critique of real world issues through fantastical means, it makes no sense in reality but the concept in theory of making inmates lab rats is horrifying