Tons of biopics and documentaries on Hitler

>tons of biopics and documentaries on Hitler
>almost none on Stalin

When can we get an adaptation of this 163cm (5'4") man? Who would you cast to play him?

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Robert Duvall

Idris Elba

>You will never see a boxing match of Stalin vs. Hitler
Id say Hitler would win because Stalin is small and has a disables arm but he would put on a very good fight for sure

Gilbert Gottfried

Young Stalin was relentlessly handsome.

>>almost none on Stalin
What the fuck are you talking about retard?

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Mel Gibson

No, he wasn't. Almost all of his photos were airbrushed, he was an ugly fuck.

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He's in it for 5 minutes retard, that's like saying ben-hur is a biopic of jesus.

Stalin had a dull mind and meh charisma. His insane level of paranoia set him apart from his mediocre rivals.

Why would (((Hollywood))) have any interest in him?
This doc is obviously bias but revolves around his legacy

>He's in it for 5 minutes retard
So, the entire movie is about his death and they talk about him frequently.

Well the jews created his ideology sooo?


this movie kind of sucks

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Apocalypse Stalin is kino

Hitler was just as bad.

Old Stalin was relentlessly handsome

Jews are done with communism now that the Tsars and nearly all old goy wealthy families have been destroyed or married into.

Hitler and Stalin were based. Should've joined together to fight JewSA and the Enteral Anglo

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Both are small

That's the point, retard. There are holocaust movies done every year and will be until the end of time. The dramatic reenactments WW2 are longer than the war itself. While Stalin and the Soviet Union are largely ignored because it's awkward as fuck to depict their monstrosities and barbarism while openly advocating for the same ideas.

He's just doesn't seem to be particularly interesting as a person at least from what is known about him. Definitely not something you can dedicate a whole movie to. Have you listened to any of his speeches? You can make something with the regime and how it operated but him as a main focus in anything is just doomed to be boring to almost everyone.

that really should have been narrated by Nathan Explosion.

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Unironically Tom Cruise

Yes but Stalin was a bigger manlet.
Churchill was small too, WW2 was just a battle of angry manlets

Hitler was worse. At least there was some reason to most of Stalin's violence, while Hitler was just a superstitious, drugged up idiot.

I see that Cold War still rages on and your propaganda becomes dumber and dumber as the decades go by.
>his police record reads: height 1 meter 62

Imagine how dumb your propagandists think you to be to believe this low-effort crap, holy shit.

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He's based in it though
>who's in my posse?!

Dead Stalin is basically the main character. Literally everything revolves around him, his prior deeds and decisions.

I can't tell the first number but the second one is 100% "4". First one looks kinda like "9" but it just can't be right. Maybe it's "7" like you said but then again, not really.

Hitler was so powerful that without him 90% of history related print and tv-shows would go bankrupt

It is a fancy way we Russians write seven sometimes, here is another mugshot on which it is more apparent.

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Because if anyone got interested in Stalin and began to do research, they come away with the wrong ideas. Capitalists would rather you just forget him.

>Capitalists would rather you just forget him.
Wrong, they want you to remember him but only as a cartoonish monster they created long after his death.

was he an incel?