Yeah and I'ma be back to talk 'bout them rollex'

>Yeah and I'ma be back to talk 'bout them rollex'

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>nigger shoots a little white girl in the head to join the CIA
Well at least the jews are honest

He clearly explained his sound reasoning and did not judge aliens by their appearance.

We wuz men in black shieet

youre a retard.

I think you missed the point of the post you replied to

I watch movies and make threads because of other peoples threads too OP :)

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Did JonTron really say this?

just b urself bro

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This is all I can think of when I see Rip Torn in this movie. Also name a real person with a more badass name than Rip Torn.

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It's funny how much he sounds like Tom's real dad.

When I was a kid I thought the pawnshop owner was weird, creepy and gross because he was an alien. Turns out it's because he was a jew.

Tom Green in severely underrated in general. Even his stand up is good

Holy based.
Want a blowjob?

>Roger, there's some cunt on the phone

Is this an illuminati message about the twin towers?

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no but it reminds me of the short goldenage of NYC in the 90s where it was pictured as whimsical

>Golden Age


Maybe I'm biased because I live in the state of NY but I hate NYC and wish that all metro areas in the country had to become districts like Washington DC

That's never been funny

I think its funny

I'm sure you do

Why, because a famous landmark is shown? If the Eiffel Tower happened to get bombed one day is every reference of it before then a sign of conspiracy? Fuckin zoomers, man

That's, because you're an idiot.

You guys are faggots that pic is funny
>tfw no noisy cricket

Are you ''pozzed'' by any chance?