This was pretty good. When did Yas Forums work out Westworld S4 will be Roman world or Medieval world?

This was pretty good. When did Yas Forums work out Westworld S4 will be Roman world or Medieval world?

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I just caught up with Westworld. Sue vs Sue is the most forced shit I have ever seen in my life.
>yeah let me just use my big robo brain to give curly Sue a motivation to kill me when she had fucking none: she's right over there and I can squish her but then the fight can't happen
Also it wasn't lost on me that blonde Sue killed a man by crushing his ball.
So sick of every show being strong womyn and dumb cuck men. It's like 90s sitcoms all over again.

Name a better recent HBO show, I'll just wait

S4 is going to be about people in the "real" world realizing that they are Westworld robots too. But they can't escape.

I'm not even sure which is the worse piece of forced drama. Curly sue or two confused cuckbots going after Delores because she wanted them to do it, or something.
But remember Delores has plenty of access to explosives and she was within shooting distance of the big AI ball. She could have just blown it up and then gone after future Zuck.

Final will be kino

>It's like 90s sitcoms all over again.
90's sitcoms weren't even as bad as everything you described perfectly user lol.

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Sounds like you missed the one where Debra killed Stefania and crushed Ray's balls and Robert had to cope with his sadness of losing his gf, his duty to turn Debra in and his pleasure and attraction to Debra for castrating Ray.

What 90's sitcom are you referencing user or are you an excellent writer?

I understand and agree with you're comparison lol.

I don't even know what's happening anymore. I don't understand the motivations of any of these characters or their convoluted hacker games.

All you have to do is root for MIB

How many mary sues can a tv show have? I bet season 4 will break all records!

Only 1 can win

Curb your Enthusiasm

The Deuce



Ed Harris.

Ah yes and I will be hoping for him but I really don't think the show will go that way.

>delores wants to "liberate" organic human world like she did westworld by... defeating serac?
>maeve wants an encryption key in delores' head that will give her access to robot afterlife with her daughter
>serac wants an encryption key in delores' head to "the forge", which has the source code for every human who visited the westworld park
>jesse pinkman originally wants revenge on the people who pigeonholed him into construction work, but his motivation changes after learning his memory has been manipulated by serac. not sure what he wants now, to be honest.

Yeah he's most likely finished in the next episode

revenge for his robobro. unironically most poignant death in the show.

Good point actually I didn't think of that. Westworld might be finished as a show after what I've seen of the ratings posted on here if they're are actually real??

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oosh, those ratings are miserable. and you know what they mean, right?
the take home for executives will be that it died because normies won't watch things that are too smart.

Exactly and not cause the diversity hires pozzed it so badly like Watchmen that everyone got sick of and turned it off lol.

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>we should have cast Tessa as Delores and made her copy herself into multiple bodies
bodies played by other past actors?
>no, Tessa would have played them all.
oh well, next time, i have just the role for her coming up.

>>we should have cast Tessa as Delores and made her copy herself into multiple bodies
Is that was what going on, I honestly couldn't make sense of it. Either that or I've been glazing over 15 min into every episode and not paying enough attention.

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It's not smart, it's stupid pretending to be smart. They think they're being clever with the writing but actually nothing makes any fucking sense.

Yeah I didn't claim that. My claim is that get ready for shows to be even worse if Westworld tanks.

You're thinking of Devs

>get ready for shows to be even worse if Westworld tanks.
Why do you say this? You think they'd be smart enough to realise why these shows are tanking??

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They will attribute people turning off Westworld because they did not have the grey matter to deal with jarring things like the setting being moved out of the park and with the sci-fi ideas presented in the show.
So from that they will know that future TV shows they have their hands in must be more bland.
They will never attribute its failure to things like bad writing and Mary Sues.

>has sword because that's so fucking badass SLAY QUEEN!

Implying chinks aren't heavy investors

>i-it's actually China that owns Hollywood, you goys...I mean guys