Do you remember?

Do you remember?

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I didn't have one open until late in the rental game so I didn't go there much, I just remember they would always have their movies setup in weird order. First would be the movie, next would be the sequels if it had any, third would be the cheap ripoff version of it, and fourth would be the softcore porn ripoff version of it.

I miss mom and pop video stores. It's a whole experience none of the coming generations will ever know. Renting some movies and grabbing snacks, chilling with bros, drinking surge, forgetting to rewind and not remembering til you get halfway home.

Yeah i checked all of their dvd rentals and never returned any of them after cancelling my membership

OK then, you're going to Blockbuster / Hollywood Video / Family Video, etc.

You get to pick 1 drink, 1 snack, and 1 movie

What is it Yas Forums?

For me it's Sprite, Reese Bites and Aliens on VHS Alien too if my parents will let me get both movies.

>forgetting to rewind and not remembering til you get halfway home
What an asshole, they ask you to please be kind, rewind and that is how you treat them? I bet you left your tapes in the car to melt too, you prick!

Fuck I miss these days. Late grade school/middle school years I’d always be at the horror section at blockbuster and rent a movie. Summers were hard cause I was at my grandparents place and the wouldn’t let me rent pass PG-13. High school years were mainly renting PS2 games, and later high school we had the 2 movies at a time for like 10$ a month thing they did to compete with Netflix. My friend and I would rent 2 movies about every weekend, get Whataburger, and steal my dads Canadian Mist. Refill it with water every weekend. Good times.

my local blockbuster had a really limited selection of Godzilla movies, so I had to hit up Hollywood Video. I remember getting GMK from there. was dope.
last time i visited my hometown, it'd turned into a US Cellular. Still had the distinctive weird roof

The building is still empty by my house

do you live in texas?

Businesses tend to shy away from opening retail locations near registered sex offenders.

lol did boomers really do this?????

everytime i drive by one of my all favorite video stores and see it now occupied instead by a real estate office, a karate studio or a bank i die a little inside

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I miss "Movie Machine" in my hometown. Free popcorn while you browse, you got to spin a big wheel on your birthday and win free stuff, and they gave away all their promo posters of you asked. I miss it so much. Fuck you blockbuster.

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I'm glad I experienced the era of Blockbuster and HV. Zoomers will never understand.


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I remember my older brother worked at a Blockbuster for around 6 months and literally everyone forgot to rewind it so each of the employees had to stay back and rewind all the returns. But it was an absolute blast going to a HV or Blockbuster every weekend and having it become a whole event whereas now the convenience takes the excitement out of it all.

yes I remember how everything corporate America touches turns to cringe and toxicity for everyone exposed to it.

The 21st night of September?

Dr. Pepper / Goobers / They Live

I miss Game Crazy

was blockbuster better or worse than hollywood video
t. zoomer

First job I had was one of these places.

Dr. Pepper, Twizzlers and Last Action Hero

Do you remember chalk hearts melting on a playground wall
Do you remember dawn escapes from moon washed college halls
Do you remember the cherry blossom in the market square
Do you remember I thought it was confetti in our hair

I got Biollante at a Blockbuster. What a great fucking movie.

I never had a Hollywood Video in my town. There were a few Blockbuster stores (including one directly attached to a McDonald's) but the main rental place for us was Hastings or the supermarkets.

I do. Me and Mom lived in an apartment and this was just across the street. Only movie I clearly remember renting from it was 300.

I ask my parents for original content.