Personification of "I was only pretending to be retarded" "humor"

Personification of "I was only pretending to be retarded" "humor"
How the fuck people in 00s found it funny?

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Okay, zoomer

get outta here kike this board's Tom Green territory

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Because most people are fucking stupid, next question.

super massive faggots

Ali G was a parody of a stereotypical character, and yeah it was funny

>How the fuck people in 00s found it funny?

I don't know anybody who actually thinks that faggot is funny.

Because you don't know what a parody is

>you are now realizing Ali G is the same actor as Borat

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What stereotype was that? A retard?

Do you even know what a parody is?

go download a movie called "attack the block"

ITT: movies where the protagonist fails to look smart and has to cope with it throughout

>I was only pretending to be retarded
Do you even understand what that sentence means? Dumb faggot

British (((humour))).

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His movie is stupid but the show is comedy gold. Not because of what he says but watching the reaction of serious people to him. He is the fool to the straight man but the straight man carries the comedy

Reminder that this guy made a speech at the ADL to condemn hate speech and antisemitism

What stereotype are you? A retard?

His show was great for sure. I still enjoyed his movie but agree it was overly stupid.

Who is America was decent but it needed more liberal mockery. I fucking died at the 2014 Yas Forums cartooney character

Everyone knows that zoomer.

He's a Jew

Wtf apparently he was Bruno too.

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wtf? was he just pretending to be gay?

SBC is a jew, zoom zoom

I know, that's not the point

he murdered a woman in the britannia wards and got away with it


This suit is black not