Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers

Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers

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cool name dork

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brie is evil

Correct, just look into these eyes

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Brie is pure

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don't do that

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I want to hug Brie!

Captain Toe Fungus!

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Good Wholesome post

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yuck lol

she is evil and must be jizzed on

do it then incel

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Why did her partner of 10 years dump her?

>this thread

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She dumped him

Don't mind me, just listening to the greatest album of all time

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and I'm just posting the best song from that album

>Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers

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Why doesn’t she try making music again? I ask this unironically, she has a gigantic fan base that would be willing to listen to whatever she puts out. She’s at the point in her career where she’s so famous she can pretty much do whatever she wants

Like this guy

>Finally P.E. Of Out

don’t rush me roastie


>man face + man ass

i’ll pass

Okay homo

all fine to build it up, only thing you probably put work into all week

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Any predictions for Captain Marvel 2?

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They're gonna make her wear the dress in it.

i’ll have you know i just got back from the gym, and i am also sexually tantric.

If you agree or support pic related but think the way Rey, Finn, and Poe treated C-3PO was okay/funny, then you are a hypocrite that needs to be shot.

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I like to think Brie was born autistic, worked on self-improvement long enough to make a career for herself, but never finished her social skills training and is sort of a potato now

In that case I can’t wait for it to be the highest grossing movie of the year

They do something similar to the Iron Man 3 story where they stripped Tony of his powers to show who the person without them is. But in this version Rogue steals her powers

is that what they call it now when you squeeze too hard?

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>caring at all about Star Wars

I agree with everything Brie says. She is very convincing.

That's pretty cute, but SW a shit so...

no it’s like jedi dick powers

I want to marry Brianne

if thats what makes you feel better

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>fake name
No fucking wonder she's a fake-as-fuck piece of shit

I like that Briebros have different interpretations on Brie. Makes Brie threads very comfy to read through.