Could you make a successful New Vegas film...

Could you make a successful New Vegas film, or would the sheer volume of content require a miniseries (with seperate seasons for each of the expansion packs)?

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>New Vegas film

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New vegas doesn't have a story fittng to a film. You can't adapt the main quest for it.
The best course of action would be an anthology miniseries focusing each episode on a specific character

How'd I do tee vee?

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New Vegas remastered for Xbox One X when?

I disagree. Pretty sure it would fit in either a one movie or trilogy model.
You would just profit from the massive content there is to explore as gimmicks that only get like 5 min of screentime. Entering New Vegas for example, just show glimpses of sidequests and shady shit that goes on there.

If its gonna be some blockbuster shit it could be 2 or 3 movies long. One stopping before the hoover dam fight or something

Anthology series sounds pretty fucking gay.

Now I wanna watch a movie that doesnt exist. Fuck you

You could easily do the main storyline but over a few seasons. Four seasons of content sounds reasononable
>S1 tracking down Benny and killing him
>S2 officially meeting NCR and Legion Brass and ending with the army of securitrons
>S3 fucking over House and making an indenpendant New Vegas, possible Boone and Cass storylines
>S4 Boomers, Brotherhood of Steel, Hoover Dam

Who would play the companions?

Idras Elba

cast him

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Am I the only person who likes the idea of tribals?
I just find it so endearing, with groups growing to have so detached cultures.
Hearing glimpses about the Legion's institutions for example, like a complex bureaucracy or their Mars based religion, was super interesting.
Honest hearts kinda failed to deliver imo.

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Raul - danny trejo obviously
Veronica - ellen page (too expensive)
Arcade - same voice actor i don't mind him
bone - ryan gosling
cass - angelina jolie
Liliy - same voice actor (cg supermutant)

I used to hate it, now I like it. Obviously not realistic but who gives a shit

>walled and unemployed Ellen Page is too expensive but Ryan Gosling and Angelina Jolie arent

i need to update my information

it would be s*y. the trouble with adapting vidya is that the only people who would do it are lauren hissrich tier, the retrofuturism of fallout + the idiosyncratic NV wild west aesthetic could make for some great stuff if you could actually get a decent director who has heard of this shit but... there isn't one.

Despite her spooky appearance, Angelina Jolie is still perennially one of the highest paid female actors.

Her Disney deal alone is worth 20 million a year. She was duking it out with Jennifer Lawerence and ScarJo at the height of both of their paticular fames when she hadn't even had a movie on screen in 2 years while Scarjo was in 3 to 5 movies in same time frame and two of those were MCU movies to put it into perspective for you.

JLaws garbage franchise cracked billions. She was getting 15 million for Pratts scifi film etc.

Jlaw got huge paydays because of cock carousel she rode.

Neither of them were beating Angelina for their prospective years and her movie for disney didn't come out for nearly 2+ years.

She's made multiple movies with Disney and has banked like 60 to 80 million from Disney.

So yeah...

Arcades voice actor is Zach Levi.. again he made a lot of money with DC.

The only affordable actor on there is ellen page. She is doing netflix tv shows

>Goose as Boone
Though I always envisioned him as more of a meathead, god it fits too good. I'd love it

this is more like a dream list like because it's obviously too expensive

Danny trejo isn't affordable ? i mean they got him for the game, arcade got more famous with shazam so yeah he got expensive

>Could you make a successful New Vegas film

You'd just focus on one story from it and it would be good. Personally I'd like to see the story of Randall Clarke surviving the apocalypse and becoming a guardian spirit to the tribals of Zion.

PS: The Postman is basically New Vegas, Chris Avellone even said he based the plot off it.

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Jolie will forever be lara croft for me bro

>Summer Smiles

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Randall would make a boring ass film. He never directly interacted with the groups that came by. It'd be two hours of someone sniping people and coming back to cry at his cave, plus a couple of scenes of his spic second waifu that he somehow knocked up at age 50+ dying

never, since jewthesda are still embarrassed some dumb group of boomers on a shit budget made a superior RPG to anything they've ever put out

They never remastered any game from gamebyro engine i think it's very difficult/expensive to them

this game is fucking garbage

new caca is the superior one here but ____ gives me mr x vibes

It would be post apocalyptic Jeremiah Johnson. A man vs the savageness of the wilderness.

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No, U!

Outer Worlds?

>tfw no Casino style film focusing on the Strip families, all the dirty dealings between them and their reformation from tribals to bussinessmen
Feels bad

neglecting easy pete's casting as though he isn't the key to the whole game smdh

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