Remember when RLM was a thing?

There was a good, I want to say like 3 years, maybe more, where RLM was everywhere. The posting was non stop, on every board, almost everywhere online.

It felt like one of those Netflix shows that seemingly get spammed across the internet for a few months, only it lasted for years.

Now, zilch. Nadda. No threads, rarely used as meme posts.

What happened? Did something happen where people finally realized they aren't funny?

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they stopped shilling here.

they got old and so did their viewer base

They haven't been doing as much new stuff because covid-19 duh

People realized what a fucking racist POS Mike is.

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They still are thing, get fucked :-)

was it relly shilling? Because it honestly had a fake feel to it.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they paid people to post about it or posted about it themselves constantly

RLM threads get deleted a lot, apparently they are "off topic."

It stopped a few months ago, before COVID. I saw a thread (we're talking like 3 months ago or longer) here where people said "remember when you realized these people suck." After years of positive posts it was the only time I saw a popular thread criticizing them. Something changed, I wouldn't know cause I always disliked them/thought they were deeply unfunny.

He strikes me as a narcissist whose friends privately hate him

LOL if this is true it bsaically proves they were a forced meme. They have no fire power without the constant spamming

When is he gonna be on best of the worst?

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What is RLMs fan base like? I heard they were pure cancer, but I never see anything particularly toxic.

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Fuck. Wrong pic.

I mean, they're still popular among Yas Forums racists, so I'd say they're pretty fucking toxic.

>anti-left sentiment bad
>establishment politician good

>12 posts
>2 IDs

we run this fucking board, don't ever forget it you little pussies. come up to Wisconsin and TRY us, we got ammo for days for you faggots

but you ain't got the balls kid

Jannies ruin everything
I made a Cooking With Jack thread once on /ck/ and was told it isn't cooking related

It's the "Mike fucked my wife" poster again

Everyone on earth is racist. But theres a spectrum, even on 4channel. The poltards that come here arent Yas Forumss representatives.

are you retarded?




>i dont see them on my echo chamber
>they dont exist!
Makes sense

2 images dumb cunt

Remember when the mods stickied one of their gay Star Wars sequel reviews as if it was something important to this board?

>It's a New BOTW!
>Jack, Josh, Jay, and Rich

No thanks.

I only saw RLM on Yas Forums, and even then it was a handful of e-celeb zoomtards autistically spamming "general" threads about them.

Their reviews have been shit since they got burned with TFA. Their reviews are more mean spirited and they constantly, It also appears a lot of them are approaching a midlife crisis, which is why they try not to do capeshit anymore. I mean you have to remember, RLM are failed film makers and are approaching their mid-40s, which is why they're getting more bitter and mean spirited.

I think their best of the worst etc is still good and funny though, apart from constantly having Culkin and his minder there now.

oh yeah and their fans are cult like who just repeat, word for word, criticisms of movies. I probably agree with like 75% of what they say, but their fans will just parrot everything.

It's like all the planet awesome dweebs migrated to RLM.


le cynical hate everything man

e-celeb fags are the most pathetic people on the planet

Why doesn't Mike just make a low budget Star Trek fan film like he obviously wants to? They have a studio and a legion of loyal paypigs.

wait until people realize what a fucking faggot cunt you are

People like that are incapable of making anything genuine

>Finn and Poe should have been gay
>Voyager wasn't diverse enough
>The Invisible Man is a good movie with an important message and 20 dollars is a fair price for a rental.

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They got old, lost their edge, and now they're just kind of smug and insufferable.

They made a "serious" movie once that even they admit is a piece of shit. I don't think they have the confidence to even attempt to make another "serious" movie.

Theyre a glorified YouTube reaction channel.

no different than roger ebert, and he had worse opinions on films than RLM

>20 dollars is a fair price for a rental.
This one struck me as particularly weird and out of touch like something someone who doesn't know the value of money would say. I wouldn't pay anything for most movies these days let alone 20 fucking dollars.