Man fuck australia

man fuck australia
I wanna live there

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why you can get pints anywhere, but you can only get eaten alive by a spider in Australia

>teachers are essentially indentured servants
>lose all your money
>gays are probably everywhere
>only thing to do is drink, hunt kangaroos, and fuck your wife's friend
>only reliable people are homeless
But why?

Australian people are slowly morphing into aboriginals, just isolate them from the Chinese and give them a few hundred years.

Consider the kind of degenerates they have there.

Degenerate kino:

gays are concentrated in melbourne you fucking c unt

Said nobody.
Especially after seeing what it's really like

>isolate them from the Chinese
you really can't

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Any Australian kinos that don't make it look like a godforsaken hellhole?

People always go “but the snakes, the spiders, the sharks”

I spent 2 years in the Australian bush as a post-doc and the only thing I ever got in my room was cockroaches and huntsman spiders(cool and harmless)

I only saw snakes when I actively looked for them and still it was rare to find anything particularly dangerous(browns and deathadders were semi common anything else in the venom department exceedingly rare)

Crocodiles are cool but you’ll only see them if you’re in the Northern Territory and even then there’s only a few good rivers for it. Otherwise you need to be lucky or unlucky to see them in a different state.

I wasn’t on the beach much except a couple of months I took off to go to the barrier reef and Queensland rainforest and I only ever saw reef sharks and rays and they were both uncommon and I only saw them on the barrier reef which is like an hours boat ride from the beaches. Didn’t ever see a stinging jellyfish. Didn’t ever see a funnel web spider

there’s also no reason to fear spiders if you’re healthy. They aren’t lethal to a healthy adult.

What Australia does have however is:

Aboriginals, they suck. 1 in 10 are friendly and cool but you’ll only find them in the Bush, the rest are alcoholics and act like literal animals in every city town and village they inhabit.

Chinks, fucking chinks(and japs) literally everywhere, and if they’re not Asian they’re European tourists doing their “soul searching” 1 year whore-tour.

Public transportation is hilariously bad unless you’re in Sydney. The internet is hilariously bad anywhere, like they’re 5-10 years behind the rest of the world.


It's only good for gays tho. The blokes wear denim hot pants with mouton boots.

Hence that world famous annual event the Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

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>there’s also no reason to fear spiders if you’re healthy. They aren’t lethal to a healthy adult.

t. Giant Australian Spider

>Australian kinos
>that don't make it look like a godforsaken hellhole

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the amount of rent free in this thread

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You don't, it's hell.

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I wish hiro posted

It's cringe the way you think of animals and insects here. It's all bullshit

Its a meme you autist

I thought pretty much all Australians were faggots. The #1 crime that got you sent to Australia back in the day was sodomy.

what the fuck happened to this country in the last 20 years

As long as your name's Bruce you'll fit in just fine.

Beautiful kate

Only if you were English.


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keep in mind there are spiders literally large enough to be considered face huggers there and their women will want to beat you up

>I wanna live there
Are sure about that?

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both of these are my fetish Mr Internet Historian

Looks like good tucker.

t. city slicker

straya has atrocious insects even in residential areas, plants that can put you into eternal suffering, and literal fucking roos bouncing across the road. it's a shit place to live if you're looking to not be harassed by housekeeping problems compared to literally anywhere else

Far side is too based for this site

who was in the wrong here?

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I'm Australian and I hate America.

Who's Fred?

Is there really no dangerous wildlife in America?

Mass unchecked immigration and onions in the water supplies


Holy fucking shit

We're full

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