Who was at fault here? did jules go over a bump?

who was at fault here? did jules go over a bump?

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>0 trigger discipline
We already know who

it's travolta's fault for holding a gun like that when he had no intention of firing it

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but jules may have gone over a bump or something

still shouldn't have your finger on the trigger like that.

wtf. its called a safety trigger?

dont overthink this

It was an act of god or some shit.

Ive always blamed Marvin for being a nigger

Jules sabotaged the gun. He was trying to prove that he could handle a crisis.

Why did he even have his gun drawn at the time?


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around marvins never relax

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No, he got too into the conversation and pulled the trigger as an unforced error.

marvin was killed because he failed to warn Vince and Jules about Seinfeld hiding in the bathroom and almost got them killed

That's WHY you should have your finger off the trigger, unforeseen bullshit

Going over a bump wouldn't provide enough force to jar Travolta's thumb to the point where he could overcome the trigger's pull weight. in order to pull the trigger on a gun you have to either squeeze it deliberately or get the trigger caught on something

some people have their guns modified so the pull weight is extremely small, the so-called "hair trigger".

like when this idiot shot the fucking wall

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Obviously he planned on shooting him. No one was at fault

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They were pros they wouldnt do any dumb shit like that, they would want maximum control over their guns


*should not

Vincent is irresponsible and stupid, he would totally do some stupid shit like get a hair-trigger mod.

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Depends, if the hammer on his gun was cocked it effectively becomes single action making the trigger pull much shorter.

Yeah, but Jules may have gone over a bump

Vincent literally went to someone's house to wait for them in order to kill that person. He then took a nice, long shit with the door shut while leaving his gun nowhere near his person. He was a fucking retard. he would definitely do something like that.