The state is the real enemy, the politicians are the pawns of the real enemy

The state is the real enemy, the politicians are the pawns of the real enemy.

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Corporations and the system they perpetuate.

What happens when the state is gone and nobody is there to pay for your leprosy medicine and NEET bux ?

How was charity and medicine done before the french revolution?

The OP of this post lives off of welfare along with his entire family, unironically

Mutual aid societies

welfare produces more poverty.

you would be chained to a wall and let to rot
nice meme leftie

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prove the best countries right now on earth aren't the most libertarian ones vs the ones where the state control everything.

You escaped argentina for a reason.

you literally live off of it and have never had a job

I would have to get a job if it wasn't for the welfare.

again, your argument supports mine.

prove that you wouldn't die either by famine or systematic genocide if the state was abolished and your parasite class thrown to the wolves

>the ancap is a welfare leech

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again, you're saying I don't support that and I suppose you also would support that.

I don't receive nothing of the state, my mother has three pensions, and almost none of my uncles has a pension and they survive because of their sons job.

>I would be forced to take responsibility for myself if the state told me to
do libertarians ACTUALLY

The healthcare system was off better quality in the XIX century when it was basically private.

Prove me that a private healthcare system isn't better than a public.

You support dying ? lmao

again, prove again life isn't better on libertarian nations like singapor than argentina or venezuela.

in concert with the state, go figure. I call them cronies

And I call you delusional.
You mean the land of subsidized housing and socialized healthcare and infrastructure where the government owns the vast majority of all land?

>tfw no Capitana Ancap gf
why even live bros

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again, try to debunk that more economic freedom makes you a less shithole.

singapore a libertarian nation? you get canned for throwing chewing gum and the ruling party has fascist symbols on their flag

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>France 71
>Chile 18

ok commie, you wouldn't last a second in nicaragua

It's almost as if france wasn't a socialist cunt

i agree, comrade! let us abolish the state together with capital and private property so we can be free!

>France 71
>Switzerland 4
>New Zealand 3

This, it's such a nonsensical list. Honduras is a right wing market oriented shithole since 2009. But it's somehow lower than Canada for muh economic freedoms.

>nooo, that list is wrong
cope more commie scum.

Are you fucking retarded? you claim singapore is a libertarian nation because its high of your economic freedom index but somehow France doesn't count as socialist when its low?
Kill yourself
New Zealanders have inferior income to French people despite being 98% white, what a good argument m8

t. cope

Economic freedom isn't just more right-wing or more left-wing. Its about low taxes, low tariffs (which Canada has), less burocracy, political stability and security.

It is. Canada is at number 8 even though we use literal price controls. Also I would rather live in France than Chile.

New zealanders are 12 spots higher than France in HDI and switzerland is second only to Norway you nigger.

Chile is miles better than France nowadays. Better than most of commie europe

The parasitic states that plague the modern world ? Yes, not the State in itself.
The state is not "at best" useful, it SHALL BE useful, assure the security of all and the interest of the overwhelming majority.
How we achieve that in the long run is the true question.
We truly need to work on what I call "political hygiene". Power corrupts, worse, it attracts especially the wicked.
How do we make sure public interest is still the priority ?

why don't you go cry elsewhere?