Have you ever dated a foreigner?

Have you ever dated a foreigner?

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No, and I don't want to either.

>Have you ever dated


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>Have you ever dated
Haha you're so funny OP.

dated a brasilian girl in high school if that counts

It doesn't. We all know Brazilians are portuguese, as well as american hispanics are Spanish.


Elaborate, Italic BVLL.

I've dated Polish, German, Croatian and American.

I'm the foreigner

My ex is austrian but I never considered her as a foreigner

i dated a french girl at my uni for 6 months

Dated girls from Ukraine, Russia, China and Florida.

Yes, Peruvian

Tell us your experience.

I'm in a long distance relationship with a Brazilian girl

gib Latvian bf pls


Dated a Russian woman, it was bad enough that i turned to prostitutes for having sex with no strings attached and I've never been happier


I have a half japanese baby with a japanese girl
He lives in Kyoto

>girl from Rio
>Catalan girl
>girl from Eritrea
>Mexican girl

>I'm the foreigner
Are you black?

I've only ever dated foreigners.

My mom literally forced an Italian girl on me last time we were back home in Sicily. Been dating for 10-11 months or so, but I haven't seen here since January though. Still keep contact several times a day on Skype. Apparently she's saving up money to visit here as soon as the corona crap is over.


doesn't sound very korean... has Korea been CHINK'd?

My first ex was american and I lost my virginity to her. The worst part? She was from Florida

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Polish was unironically a virgin and therefore childish as hell, very clingy, eventually she accused me of getting her pregnant so I made her take a test and dumped her.
German was very fun and also extremely kinky, we had a lot of fun.
Croatian was the one I fell in love with the most, very my type.
the American was like hanging out with a dude, fun but also not exactly the best in the long run I guess.

Did she cuck you? Tells us more.

Do austrians have a funny accent?

No different than German girls except when we were visiting her family in Austria she suddenly started speaking in really strong dialect which was pretty funny, I only heard her speak standard german until than

Her company sent her to Sao Paulo and we dated during 1 year and she got pregnant.

Florida woman takes Swedish man's virginity.

Why didn't she stay in Sampa?

you married?


yeah but it's also kinda cute, bavarian/austrian is one of the more pleasent dialects imo


>Why didn't she stay in Sampa?
Because she was here just to instruct some managers in the company


She got pregnant and took the baby to Japan,
I didn´t know unitl the boy was born.
I never have seen him, only pictures.
He got green eyes despite being hapa, but i think will become darker

>dating anyone

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As a spic I've dated
>American of German decent with Cherokee roots
I hope to date a black one day

>She got pregnant and took the baby to Japan,
>I didn´t know unitl the boy was born.
either a scam or she has mental illness

My wife speaks arabic shes from the levant.

which one's the worst?
what `race' are you if you don't mind sharing?

you wish it was like that, macaco

I mean, it would be better for her to stay with the father of her children no? Pity it didn't happen
>He got green eyes despite being hapa, but i think will become darker
My God he will be such Chad there in Japan. Lucky boy.


I-I thought we were b-brothers :(

>My mom literally forced an Italian girl

you take the blanda upp thing too seriously

>which one's the worst?
Swiss German or Saxon

I had sex with a british and a norwegian but never had a "date"

This is sad, have you tried arranging to go to Japan and be with them?

WHy is Catholic Germany objectively the best Germany?

Drunk sex ?

No wonder mixed racing is so much hated it makes me absolutely disgusted seeing an attractive nord dating an ugly h*pa

>back home in Sicily
Are you Italian or Swedish?

i'm dating a czech girl right now

my ancestors :)

I am CHI and have never dated a mexican girl, only white, dominican, and el salvadorian
Does that count

You speak a different language and probably a mutt. Why should I consider you my brother?

because Protestants have no soul

M-Mi amigo, yo soy Español, m-mira mi c-castellanidad

Nah, I dislike to get drunk but I know how to hide my autism

>hide my autism
Can you teach me ?

Not really. Americans are pretty much the same, especially if you are urbanites.

nah it refers to the state of Saxony in the east, the guys that went to England live in lower Saxony and don't have a strong dialect except for East Frisian