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dream of uni turned into a nightmare



how come?


remember - jfs out

Lads any other tips to improve my life:

>Electric toothbrush
>Regular cardio of several miles every other day and weight lifting
>Only drink water or green tea when not at a social event etc
>replaced all chocolate with nuts and fruit
>Skincare routine
>Saving regularly
>Washing hair with shampoo only once a week
>Reading more
>Regular bed time with 7hours 30 to 8 hours a night sleep.

Anything else to bolster myself that are quick fixes?

Some foreign gimp. Probably a German. Was standing outside some paki takeaway place and I already ordered. Was walking in like and the cunt said to me 1 at a time lmao. I told him to fuck off back to his own country. Cheek of some of these wog freaks

Hate the Janny, autistic little bellshining fart sniffer, do one you greasy spastic.

You can’t judge people by what they look like!’ It’s drummed into us as children and, as this book proves, it is utterly false. In this highly readable analysis of the academic research, Dutton shows that we are evolved to judge people’s psychology from what they look like, we can accurately work out people’s personality and intelligence from how they look, and (quite often) we have to if we want to survive. Body shape, hairiness, eye width, finger length, even how big a woman’s breasts are . . . Dutton shows that these, and much else, are windows into personality, intelligence, or both. Once you read How to Judge People by What They Look Like, you’ll never look at people the same again.

hello it's me, car-insurance lad

I will now open the floor to your questions about car insurance

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didn't ask you ugly cunt


*blows off smoke coming out off my finger tips*

Fastest thread poster of the frontier when I want to be

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steaming yourself in the hottest bath you can stand, then washing off the sweat in the shower, then blasting the shower cold at the end for as long as you can stand. Makes you feel incredible

can I get a quick rundown on the book

don't have the time to read an entire book

heard janny's packing 3.5 inches

if you actually tried anything like this irl you'd be laughed and ridiculed like the bagel manlet
such is life at 5'4

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Is deepfaking a child's face onto an adult porn star illegal?

Yes of course it is, what kind of dullard thinks otherwise

t. 1/42 German

I was saying poo-urns

for me, it's bröt

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don't do this it makes mustard gas

Thank you I shall try this, never really got that far with the cold showers.

I'm really shit at it, started with simple breathing exercises but even struggle with those, there's always a distraction

what really happened: you avoided eye contact and mumbled and stuttered that you already ordered before apologising
thin-necked twat


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need a sissy gf (male)

got one of those new plastic £20 notes

quite nice

the shit-eating grin on that bird it's uncanny
you can already live a comfortable life as a woman solely because of owning a cunt but with her appearance it's heaven on earth

fell for the meme follow your dreams

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can't believe this is actually real

Drinking a Baltic porter, eating pistachios and looking at birds (the boring kind) through a £900 pair of binoculars in the garden, lads

enjoy coronavirus

yeah i can only last about 30 seconds but it's a key part of it. you'll get better the more you do it

IMAGINE having a real life loli gf. Just imagine it.
i'd definitely shag her in cosplay. she's slightly less attractive nowadays, but she used to be a 10/10. she's literally like 5'0 tall and very skinny, i've never really seen her tits but they look cute and small. she would be my loli girlfriend.
have you seen her bf? i'm not sure if they're still together, but her (ex?)-boyfriend is ugly as fuck. he's some south east asian guy and he's tall as fuck. lucky fucking bastard. i bet he picks her up like a little doll and shags her while she's wearing all kinds of cosplay. i bet she does sex cosplays specifically for her boyfriend. i'd quite like to see those. i bet he gets to lick her feet too. some people get all the luck.
sorry lad, don't take it personal, but i would kill you if it meant i got to have sex with anzu. shit, i'd kill you just to lick her feet for 10 minutes (and take some pictures for future wanks). i'm sure you'd do the same thing.
what cosplay would you like to fuck her in? it doesn't have to be one she's actually done, it can be any. pic related is the type of cosplay i'd like to fuck her in, i'd love to fuck her while she's in zootopia bunny cosplay too.

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Enjoy your COVID

Great Britain what?

*strum strum*
Donu-u-um liba-a-a-a-a-as
Maledictu-u-u-u-u-us bestia-a-a-a-a

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always laugh at these mongs who push the "cold shower pill"

no one takes cold showers 100% of the time - no one. That these runts think people believe they get up at 06:30AM in the hear of winter and hop in a cold shower is deluded

I can enjoy a cold shower at the end of a hot summer day but what I cannot stomach is some asperger maintaining that he has nothing but cold showers in all circumstances


>£900 pair of binoculars
Imagine what this guy looks like

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one model please


Great Britain who?

I have a hot shower then blast it cold at the end. feels refreshing and stops you feeling cold when you get out

some years ago there was a gang of local youths that kept setting fire to people's wheelie bins on a large hill near my home

contemplated buying a £400 pair of binoculars so as to better spy on their anti-social activities but thought better of it in the end

would shag a femboy but i am not a gay

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what's he point you absolute fucking SPASTIC
it's not even funny, it's just going to confuse people and we may end up with thread splitting. well done. whats wrong? are you bored or something because you haven't been in school for like a month so you've started being an annoying twat?
back in my day, we wouldn't be using this thread. if you even so much as put "/BRIT/" or even "/Brit/" instead of "/brit/" your thread would get ignored and another thread would get used instead. all the posts in this thread and pointless because someone else is inevitably going to make an actual /brit/ thread and the janny will allow it because this isn't /brit/, it's /brot/.
very funny though, lad. very funny. how long did it take you to come up with this little prank? replacing the i with an o? mong. fuck it, i'm going to make an actual /brit/. suck my dick and your thread can fuck off and die. it's shit and not even funny.

Prejudice against the ugly (looking) is a far greater sin in modern society than racism and exist combined

are greta lads, absolutely adorable

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>England's hospital COVID-19 death toll rises to 18,420

>The number of people who have died in hospitals in England after testing positive for the new coronavirus has risen to 18,420, up by 336 in 24 hours, the National Health Service said on Sunday.

>DO AMerIcAnS REal-

my queen