There are shit tons of Chinese students in your uni. Why you don't have single Chinese friend?

There are shit tons of Chinese students in your uni. Why you don't have single Chinese friend?

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I had a lab TA who was Chinese, he was incomprehensible at first but turned out to be a cool guy by the end of the semester. The language barrier is the main issue, really. Also I would hook up with a Chinese chick, but I don't know where the hell most of them are when they're not walking around or on the bus or whatever.

I have a chinese friend, but I didnt met her in college

I made a friend at uni last year who was Chinese before he finished his degree and flew back to Hebei (not Hubei). He's an extremely based guy. It was interesting to learn about Chinese culture, food, etc. He had interesting stories about Falun Gong and other stuff.

My uni had more international students from UAE than china

But anyways, its because they are impossible to talk too. They are all super shy and only attempt to make Freinds with other chinese international students

Chinese students here don't talk to non-chinese people

All the international students in my yooni are UAE/Qatari that pay €250K to sit around and not study or learn English lmao

I've literally never seen a Chinese person. Seen quite a few Hmong and one Laotian, but that's it.

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They keep to themselves and do not even understand English well a lot of the time. There was once a time where a Chinese lab assistant started addressing the lab in Mandarin on account of how many Chinese there were in it.

they do talk to me

That's like asking "Why you don't have a single rat/cockroach/ant friend". Some of their women are hot but none of them are "people".

They want the prestige of a Western university degree so they can get jobs back home. Sadly for us, higher education has become a business rather than a service to the nation, and the chancellor's of the unis can keep giving themselves but pay rises by increasing the proportion of international students, the course quality always goes down because of them. The ranking of the university stays unaffected because most rankings are based on research output and not undergraduate teaching quality

I don't have friends at all

This, my uni course is about 1/3 Chinese and I don't think I've ever spoken more than 2 sentences to them in total

I'm from a really poor family and all the Chinese students here have millionaire parents

i went to a school that was pretty much half chinese and i was absolutely miserable. nothing against them at all but you'll never fit in

The Chinese students outside the top tier unis like Oxbridge or Imperial are those not smart enough to have got into a good Chinese uni and so they more or less buy a degree. There is a uni near where I live (I don't go to this uni) in Stirling and it has tons of Chinese, you have to wonder why these people are coming thousands of miles to study at some shit uni in the middle of nowhere with no prestige.

some of them can't speak english and they meet each other in the library at night and translate the lectures and shit

>the chancellor's of the unis can keep giving themselves but pay rises by increasing the proportion of international students, the course quality always goes down because of them.

Yeah it’s getting quite bad over here

>medicine undergrad: mostly uae and Middle Eastern
>grad medicine: mostly North American

Luckily for me it means the cost of my degree is subsidised by them

This is a pretty openly acknowledged fact. There is even a pun about it with the dropouts who weren’t accepted into the best Chinese universities (Qinghua or Renmin) anywhere that speaks English.

It is hard for me to imagine the level of competition to get to the best Chinese unis.
People over there must be either children of billionaires or geniuses

I’m a foreigner but I went to Qinghua (studying Mandarin) for a year before Corona made me come to Taiwan.

It was quite literally insane the competition that existed. It’s made all the worse because the education in China’s colleges is heavily based on long lectures and repeating professors analysis and less in individual research(standard class format at Qinghua was 3 hours per class per week in 1 session). Most of the innovation happening in any field is happening at smaller less prestigious unis in China. All of the competition is for nothing.

You need extremely high test scores, extracurriculars, and connections to get into the best schools.

How did Xi Jinping get in?

we dont have that many chinese, its mostly indians and germans

Are the UAE students all lazy cheaters? How many get gibs from back home?

He was the son of a high ranking party official who by the time he was applying to university had already been rehabilitated (he did his labor in his teen years before college iirc). Of course he famously tried not to use his father so directly (partly because it may be a future liability) but there was definitely some connections at work.

Because they only hang out with each other. The girls are hot but I never see them out on weekends.

I think they only go to private parties they have at their expensive accomodation

Whole your short story is crazy

A lot of the time it’s because their English might be technically good, but haven’t had many opportunities to actually speak with natives who can teach them the language. The great firewall prevents a lot of contact with foreigners online.

A chink lad had immigrated to my school and we ended up at the same uni, I used to buy coke off his housemate and fell in with a bunch of Chinese that way. Totally unapproachable otherwise, they were too shy/not interested in talking to westerners, but they were a good laugh. The lads were absolutely filthy, I would piss in their garden rather than step foot in the bog at their place it was completely black with grime.
The girls were better, I think they all paid cleaners. They all seemed to be stinking rich. I dated one for a bit, she bought me a motorbike I think so she could show off her big white biker boyfriend. Worked for me.

I have never seen one in my university. thank god. Actually. I have seem more japs than chinks here.

Why are Koreans so much friendlier and cooler than Chinese? I know so Koreans in my uni and they're bro-tier.

There were only few in my uni. My dad was teaching chemical engineering to some chinese and korean students at uni so he still receives gifts from them sometimes.

Dude the most exotic thing i saw in uni was Cypriots lmao

No. They are more shy than chinks and the way they dress is weird