How's your relationship with your mother?

How's your relationship with your mother?

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Did she kick you out at 18 as per American tradition?

No. Didn’t meet her till I was twenty-three. She decided the relationship wasn’t worth her time.


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I wish I had a hot mother to have sex with

Something tells me that could be what you are looking for.


She died and I didn't care about it, what do you think?

My mum has a smartphone now and always reminds me to eat well and that she loves me. Feeling blessed.


Are you a good son?

I love her very much. I'm 24 and she wants me to move back in with her and she said I can quit my job and she'll take care if me for the coronavirus crisis. I kind of want to live with her again in general since she won't charge me anything.


alcoholic whore neglected me my entire childhood had to live off stale crackers and sleep on glass
eventually kicked me out of her life because I wouldn't stop telling her she has a problem


His cold, swedish heart probably shuttered at the thought of human warmth and affection

Weird question but is she hot? haha

that’s cringe bro

Are you non-white?

I still never had sex with her so not that good

the male mind on porn
>affectionate mom

Yeah but you just admitted you coom to mommy blows best

She says that she is proud of me, so I must have done something right

My friends have usually said so haha
I'm white and both my parents are. My dad and stepmom however have the typical stereotypical American boomer attitude that I shouldn't live with them at all after college unless it's breif so I'm glad my mommy is chill about it.

Really good. Mom is only 15 years older than me so we hang out a lot. Dad died before I was born.
We went skiing last week and played minigolf day before yesterday when the weather was nice.
Having dinner and watching a movie tonight as we do most nights.

I watch it casually without masturbating. BIG difference.

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>15 years older than me
Christ that almost crosses the line into older sister tier. That's nice you guys watch moves together. Me and my mom do the same.

Very good. This is a self-portrait my mom painted (she's a painter and designer)

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At that point is it even morally wrong to have sex with your mother? haha

>Me and my mom do the same
Based. It's nice having a mom close to my age though, we have more stuff to connect over.
One of my friends is 19, his mom is 56. They literally have nothing in common and barely speak to each other. Must be boring.


I feel nothing about her. I don't like spending time with her and talking with her bores me to no end.

Most of the time we get along but occasionally have arguments. I find her immensely irritating and really dislike her personality. Growing up I always just saw her as some shouting angry woman who worked away 5 days a week and I would only see her at the weekend. She was never horrible to me or anything but she's always had a temper and can suddenly go fucking mental over nothing. I'm glad I moved out.

Imagine having sex with your hot mum haha would be so weird when she's riding your cock and you're sucking her perfect breasts hahaha

>summarize wypipo in as few sentences as possible

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