What is the taboo jokes in your country?

If you’re a comedian in Japan and utter jokes related to A-bomb or Emperor probably you’ll be eternally banned from mainstream media.
I know racism jokes are taboo in US(or worldwide?) and NAZI is the one in German. But what about in other countries? Do media in your countries have peculiar taboos to your places?

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Being a nazi is a taboo, joking about war veterans, being a pedo and also being too much of a leftist

welp, recently a comedian made fun of tictoc thots so they started bullying him, but he apologized.
There a also a certain man you can't joke negatively about.

>Being a nazi is a taboo
What about jokes related to it?
> a certain man
You mean the prophet?

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Joking about John Paul II pope and single mothers

opinions on this record?


>single mothers
sounds interesting..
I know my purity was already impaired by Yas Forums.

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thank you for this band Japan, I cry every time.


This is the first time I hear the name of the band.
Yes they must belong to underground culture.

Making jokes about the GMD or the dictatorship in general is super taboo since the GMD transitioned into a political party.

they are very well known on, may Allah forgive me for uttering this word, Yas Forums.

also, how famous is this dude in Japan?

also pt. 2, to answer your question, we don't really have any taboo subjects, I guess you can't curse god and the saints in tv and radio, but everyone does it in the daily life.

>the dictatorship in general
even ones in foreign countries like Hitler?
>秋田昌美(Masami Akita)
Sorry I think he's not that well-known person.
But as he has released about 25 albums and published 20 books he must be a kind of charisma in his field I suppose.

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I mean the dictatorship when the GMD ran the country as a one party state.

terminally ill people
ww2 veterans and people who suffered
mothers (among good friends you can pull some ur mom jokes) but if u do it with wrong person u might end up in hospital

>he must be a kind of charisma in his field I suppose.
kek yes, he's a walking meme, love the guy.

okay last band, how well known are these guys in Japan?

I think I’ve heard of their name... so they should be relatively known, especially people into music.
I haven’t ever dreamed those bands are popular outside of Japan. Thanks for letting know of it.

I thought at least Merzbow and Boris were quite well known in Japan, thank you for being cool Nippon bro.

le based helicopter man

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>terminally ill people
sounds really according to the common sense.. thanks
It’s sad that your politicians don’t tolerate criticism.. thanks for letting me know of it as well.

humor is generally frowned upon in the US


far right candidate for the next election with his edgy underage supporters

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Used to be Christianity, but leftists are mainstream now.
Probably pedophilia and racism.

In Germany, you can't make jokes about Jews. You'll lose your job, land in court, and your landlord may even evict you.

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Fucking cringe


so much for mapuche 'bulls'

Joking about Jews and rape.

What was it like when that guy tried to shoot up that synagogue? I read DW everyday and they write an article everytime someone in Germany so much as looks at a Jew funny

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Making fun of women

The funny thing that Er ist wieder Da makes Hitler an extremely likeable character and there's lots of jew jokes there.


>Jewish tourists were shown the concentration camps in Dachau and reviewed it
>they gave it one star

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>Racist jokes taboo
Yeah, no, not for the average joe.

it depends. someone like Dave Chapelle or Louis CK can get away with them but they have to do them just right. otherwise you'll just seem like this


nothing is taboo unless you are from stockholm