Why do Indians always smell like curry?

Why do Indians always smell like curry?

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Probably because they like Indian food all day every day and for good reason

Why do Brits always smell like beer?

I believe transpiration is the term

>Why do Brits always smell like beer?
Not true

I believe it's because they eat a lot of Indian food which uses a lot of unique blends of spices easily identified as Indian, that plus no deo or perfume. I have yet to find an Indian not smelling curry too.

isn't indian food popular in briton

It is, and it is mostly made by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who run most of the "Indian" restaurants.

I've never had curry
it's probably the ones living in western countries like subhuman shitholers

The curry smell being referred to is turmeric, which you've probably had.

Almost as if some people had stronger sweat glands than others and emanated natural odours
Why do houses from different families have unique fragrances once you first enter them?

I thought basically all Indian food was curry in one form or another?

Pretty sure most curries were invented in the UK

idk what curry smells like

Why do they smell like homeless people? Every indian I've ever met in my fucking life smells like sweat, feces, and old unwashed clothes. They really are fucking disgusting.

But you do know what turmeric smells like?

why would I smell turmeric
you are weird

Same reason why greeks reek tzatzaki
and british beer

does an anglerfish know what water is?

I want to smell a Pajeeta I love them bros

you mean they smell nice :)

In my experience, it is a mixed bag, some smell bad while others do not have a noticeable smell. It is probably worse in Canada due to lots of them fresh off the boat.
Black people always seem to have a smell though, something about their hair.

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Here we have cheese naan in the indian restaurants

imagine eating that and becoming fat

I think they rather smell like coconuts or almond.
Maybe because of their hairdressing.

You wouldn't say that if you tried it.
It has become so popular that kebabs are starting to use cheese naan instead of their traditional pita bread

>t. fatso

Yeah, we have cheese naans here too. They put pizza toppings in them sometimes too, so it becomes a pizza naan.

I wonder if that's a catering to silly westerners thing

hope you choke on it while eating one, fat loser :^)

I'm not fat

Cheese naan is old as fuck. But here Butter Naan is the most eaten variant of Naan.

Slightly rude


You probably use paneer though, no?

This is the schizo North East Indian chink poster, seething that he cannot be with his more successful East Asian brethren and will always have to post under a pajeet flag.

Why white people smell like wet dogs?

Nope, cheese.

Cheese Naan is then eaten with some type of paneer steak. Dairy everywhere lol

Only after the rain though.

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