Tfw no japanese gf

>tfw no japanese gf

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daily japanese gf thread

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>no ass
>no tits
>no thighs
>no hips
>completely average face
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow so hot im gonna cum

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Do you love Japan?

>tfw no mei matsumoto gf

she looks korean

how deal with language barrier with jap gf? would japanese girl be more motivated to learn Swedish before English?


not even the lad in the back is paying attention

It also looks like she prefers the company of black gentlemen

no. many international couples stay with English or try to communicate using their mother tongue.

the actual swordmaster is the guy behind her.

but I still think anime fucking sucks

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you forgot one
>very cute

she's considered a goddess in japan, watch your mouth

japanese girls look like fish

It requires an artists taste to appreciate her aesthetic.

>tfw no japanese twin gfs

canadians being based? what the fuck is happening

sure, but i hate w*ebs and an*me

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Made for BWC

Now post them without makeup.

cringe Canadian, nothing out of the ordinary



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>only interested in bloated ass and tits
You are no different from a baboon

Where did you find this video of my sister

downloaded it from Yas Forums. give me your sister.

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Degenerate cunt

The duality of man

disregard him, anime rot his brain

please maam i want sex naaow

Please cut off my balls PLEASE

yeah the other one is just an average Pole, nothing out of the ordinary

surely you don't want that.

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Cut off my balls, cuck and enslave me!

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