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Chicano haters, Yas Forumscels, incels (pol), otakus (pedos)


Everyone else

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Los Guatemaltecos aceptarán su sangre olmeca?

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Me voy a meter a una bolsa de basura bye

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deja de usar esta palabra para referir a algo que no sea la civilizacion olmeca

Why do Mexicans not like Guatemalans? Is it a historic thing?

Is that the Chichimeca spammer or is that the mexican that posts the picture of the gay guy and says mexico is white?

Mexicans don't dislike Guatemalans

Guatemalan bulls steal their women

Maybe dislike is too strong a word.

>Is that the Chichimeca spammer or is that the mexican that posts the picture of the gay guy and says mexico is white

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mexicans are xenophobic but not exactly hateful
it's the pic of the chichimec spammer, idk whats wrong with him. feel kinda bad for him , he was probably bullied

Son chiapanecos de descuento

De dónde son? Yo de Puebla!

Si viven en EEUU no responder...

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>Si viven en EEUU no responder...
lastima que alguien de mi estado sea mala honda pero buenoo asi es la vida


De San Diego county

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no tengo el meme de "ma canse de ser buena honda"

We dont dislike them, some people got mad at hondurans when a viral video came up of an old lady bitching about the beans abd tortillas some ngo gave her here while trying to cross into the US other than that we dont really think about central americans that much except when we find them begging in red lights

re comfy


>imagine posting this to cope with the fact that youre a fat ugly shitskin chicano

hahahahahhahahahHahahah *wheeze* hahahahahaha


>otakus (pedos)
I'm a pedo, but not otaku. Am I invited?

do you have a mirror?

Only if you're a Mayan, and not an Olm*c

still mad olmec?

No, he lives in a hut

Me quiero mudar a Zacatecas pero no hay trabajo ahí

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si quieres ser un sicario, acaban de abrir nuevas posiciones jajaj

portugués o francés? Ayuda me a escoger.

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Creo que el frances es mas util

I may know some spanish but i can't make sense of half of the gibberish in the OP pic. Why are mexicans so subhuman? Cervantes must be rolling in his grave

>"still mad olmec?"

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Surenos are white. Stay mad, Olm*ec.

We speak Mexican (the most relevant dialect in the world). If you want to suck Moorish cock, you know what to do.

>Why are mexicans so subhuman?
olmec genes

Conosco brasileños y un amigo me invito a visitar un dia, pero tambien me interesta la francés y probablemente visitar tambien un dia.
En highschool prendi un poco de francés, pero se me olvido, pero el portugués se parese mas fácil
Anduve pensando eso