Honestly, what's your opinion on Germany?

Honestly, what's your opinion on Germany?

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The big cities seem fucked up, their cars have always been awesome until recently, very consistent and quality products in general

They always created the havoc since they exist, but once you stop them, they play the victims.

In short very bad people.

beer, sausages, nazis and car makers

I admire German culture but the few Germans I've met are very insufferable. I think that the reserved approach to social interaction is a good thing but it's just that too many of them seem to have their heads up their own asses.

Retarded history, retarded people.

Basically this desu

nothing paticular.
in the first place, i dont know anything about them.

They're a weird mob

It's a good country with (mostly) okay people

broken since 45

germany is cool

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since then Germany has been (successfully) managed in its decline

Looking to catch some more incendiaries to the face, Adolf?

Judging by their demeanor on Yas Forums, disgustingly conceited and arrogant people

Ti quote a dead Italian politician: "I like Germany so much I'd rather have two of them".

Love em. I’d hug a German person right now if I could. (ethnic German)

You remember that you were the warmongers of europe that bullied their germanic neighbours before we turned the tide? look up "burn down the palatinate".

Used to be our greatest allies, but ever since we joined EU they keep betraying us.

All the Germans l've met have been good people. The country itself is strong despite all the shit it's been through. Good football too

Us? We did nothing.

Poland is way better

I hurt myself today

They have been ruining Europe since they destroyed the Roman Empire. A sad nation that needs to have Treaty of Versailles 2.0 imposed on it.

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German internet culture is pretty disgusting desu

Hes literally doing what you said lol

They are leftists outside Bavaria, don't like them.

I hate all leftists

But enough about *ngland

Go ask the 27 million Soviets in the soil.

UK vs Germany?
Germany easily

Bro did you really just cite an example from the 17th century to prove your point lmfao

Germany more like GAYmany lmao

The french dont get to pretend they are poor damsels in distress, Napoleon was the old hitler.

Some peoples have a longer history and one should judge past events with an eye on history at that point in time.

Britain is more like Burikasu lmao