why didn't you listen edition

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youre a fuckhead janny, thats what you are, a fucking shithead

Why does the janny delete the new when we're already on page 8?


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holy shit take your meds you seething incel janny

I'm sorry Mr janitor


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Might vote Labour if they become anti-lockdown. Sick of the Tory police state; desire to quench my thirst with a pint with the so-called lads..


This would legitimately be a good strategy and could break the political deadlock

Though I still maintain that democracy is a failed idea

LOVE LOVE LOVE noses like that.

reckon i want it in my mouth, ha x

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t. Lockdown loving bootlickers

Accept Andy Burnham's divine right to rule you Southern poofs.

>Setting the Scene: North-East Neo-China, Deserted Badlands formed after the civil wars using illegal geneweapons to wipe out the
nanojunkie menace plaguing the chinese psyche Circa 2075.

a young man walks through the desert, no hope will ever return to the land, crops can't grow after the GMObombings. The man, too frail to even continue, collapses on the road by an old sign pointing to Beijing. He can't move, no water and no drive to continue living.

He sees a figure in the distance, a car of some sort. It drives closer, making a stop near the sign, the back says "FORD TRANSIT", the door a bright red whilst the rest of the vehicle is faded white. The man crawls behind the machine, hoping to find it's purpose from a mere glance at the backdoor. Finally! He sees some lettering, "NHS".

"Oh My Days" the man thought, "this must be the fabled nursing unit that the UN send out to help us Chinese!". The man, growing even weaker, bangs on the door for help.An obese pink man appears from the vehicle, wearing a top that said "Newcastle United", an area the man knew as a place of luxury and good health. With a bag with the letters "Greggs" on the packet, the pink man grew closer to our character.

"alri lad, get this down ya gob"

he shoves the battered sausage down the man's throat...

I think Janitor "Janny" reinforces patriarchal norms by applying a femme sounding name to a dreadful job.
We ought to be calling him something like "Jamichael" or "Jichard" if we really want to see the end of the patriarchy one day.

[F4M][Script-fill] Chastity Anal JOI - Exactly what it says on the tin [by _u_submissiveburner] [humiliation][reassurance][possible denial][putting stuff in your butt]

>can see 13% of her nipples

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Didn't read a word of this

>Living in a concrete and plastic jungle, working hard for little pay, consuming the things we're supposed to consume, living a life in which we're neither poor nor rich, unable to think or speak freely and without any real cultural or artistic release
>People can be consumers, they can work, they can play video games, go to the movies and watch Netflix, but they can't think, aren't allowed to think, and can't speak freely


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how often do you lads back up your phone in the cloud?

I like it.

You didn't miss much.

Honestly this whole thing has been a giant national test of character and we have failed miserably. Britain is not a country any more. It's a creche full of giant adult toddlers who can't go a few weeks without their cheap holidays to Ibiza, crappy chain pubs, junk food and constant impulse buying at cheap Chinese tat stores. God help us if we ever face real hardship.

reading about what im gonna do tonight

Imagine if Manchester did actually open their pubs and the whole country flocked there lol. Boris would have a fucking fit.

Would be an historical moment though, imagine everyone from across Britain all converging on Manchester just to get absolutely shitfaced.

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Never, that's how all those retarded celebs got Fappeninged

my soul is shrivelled lads

can't stop laughing at that pic

sick to bastard death of it all

Who do you think you are kidding mr janny?
if you think we're on the run
We are the boys that'll make a new again
and we are the boys that won't wait until page 8

so who do you think you are kidding mr janny?
if you think ol' /brit/ is done?

mr user makes a new when we are at page 1
and he'll make another straight away as soon as it is gone!
so who do you think you are kidding mr janny?
if you think ol' /brit/ is done?


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doing a nazi salute (not really in case this is brought up in court)

absolute cunt, im gonna banned now. Fuck yank spastics


>McMichael said this was a joke

Imagine if during WW1 or WW2 everyone had refused to leave their houses because of muh Germans. People like you are just cowardly retards.

im sorry lad, i didnt really think he would take it this far.

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I hope it happens and it’s not just hot air. It would certainly reverse the economic situation.

what are they hiding

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looks like are Mark in the thumbnail

Admin, can you do something about the antivax posts that keep popping up on here please?

I know some folk have a lot more time on their hands than usual and they have to entertain themselves somehow, but some of the comments on here are actually saying that the coronavirus outbreak is a hoax designed to force us all in to an evil vaccine.

That nonsense can get people killed, as well as being a slap in the face for every keyoworker, volunteer and NHS staff member who reads it.

It'd go down in history and Andy Burnham would definitely be the King of the Norf.

We don't need to converge on manchester, we just need to start going out. where we live, visiting our friends and our neighbours, having a kickabout in the park, whatever. If thousands are doing it there's no choice but to end the cuckdown.

should i continue with my diet lads? been going for 22ish days, lost about 5kg. fucking bored with it, I wanna eat chocolate and pizza.

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Do you think that will happen? I think it might once we get closer to the summer.

work with a old english man, he saw my manny u jersey and screamed at me:

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For the love of god continue. There's plenty of time for pizza and shit (in moderation) when you've established a nicely skinny baseline.

I'm a keyworker and don't give a shit.

Me in the middle-right haha

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surely it should just be the boomers and people at risk who self isolate
I don't care if I get it, and I'm not going to spread it to anyone who's locked away I this house am i

very nearly just posted something I know you all would have immediately jumped on and (deservedly) lampooned me over haha

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Hey Google, when is dinner ready?

Nah lad, that makes too much sense. Doomfags think your life should be ruined on the off-chance that it kills 0.2% of people ( who will die anyway).

'talk' with gf did not go well

just drink at home its cheaper

Ancient Anglo-saxon tradition of loudly chanting at your adversary as loud as possible

Next time it happens, as loud as possible sing:
My old man said to be a Rovers fan

He'd love it

>Bebe Rexha
>Dua Lipa
>Rita Ora

Why are we being taken over by Albanians?



I think Neil Ferguson said that the shielding strategy still results in deaths. In other words, he’s a delusional faggot who thinks we’re above death.

You'll regret it and get no satisfaction after you start scoffing your face and wish you just held out for an hour until the cravings pass.

Unironically looks like me


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reckon the albanian coke mafia is investing in music producers to hide their money i do

stop posting this sex offender

t. literal virgin freak

>Muh artistic release

Hitchens is the crusty old boomer that would want artistic release banned if it doesn't fit his artistic taste

peng as

During WW1 and WW2 people were asked to sacrifice everything. They had rationing and conscription and evacuation. Entire towns were obliterated, men served in blistering deserts and stinking jungles and freezing arctic tundra, often for YEARS without leave, enduring every kind of hardship imaginable without much complaint. You were literally just asked to stay at home, the easiest fucking thing in the world, and you couldn't even do that. The endless melodramatic whinging has been titanic. A tsunami of bawling manchildren grieving for their pints and pasties and Ngubu and other ephemeral tat whilst still enjoying basically every other convenience of the modern world. They say your true character is revealed in a crisis well this country's character is pathetic.

why would you trust the government and media to inject shit into you and your family?
they're literally evil

would love to shag dua lipa up the arse ngl

shant, reckon he could decimate me as im 5'6.

It won't happen unless you make it happen. Your life is work-eat-sleep for the next couple of years at least, unless you force change.

You've got to be kidding me. I've been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. It's just common sense.

>I just left mummy and daddy
But would eat



>Environment Secretary George Eustice says there is no serious disruption to the international flow of food.

>But he says only about a third of the usual number of migrant workers is in the UK to pick fresh fruit and vegetables. He says the government is working with industry to encourage furloughed workers to help with harvests in June.


stick it to em nip man!

crashing western culture


So the coronavirus vaccine produces flu-like symptoms, yet around 50 per cent of people who contract the coronavirus get no symptoms at all. I think I will pass on the vaccine.

There's a normie instagram meme where they share that photo of Bill Clinton sitting on the floor with vinyl records but they insert their awful embarrassing dogshit favourite albums instead

Normies have no self-awareness at all. No wonder the West is absolutely fucked, we're carrying too much dead weight.

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is having sex with a stupid girl illegal? he's a spaz too lets not forget

I honestly reckon that if any of us step out for longer than an hour then it will likely add an extra 1,000 people to the death toll and its every single one of our duties to plead the government to prolong the lockdown for as long as it takes for me to save a couple of grand in furloughed savings so I can quit and go to Australia

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piggy nose?

how is that not self-aware, people enjoy sharing their music even if most of the time it's shite

they’re fit init
also ava max is albanian

i trust the tories to do what is right


Oh that makes sense

Yeah but they were still allowed to leave their homes and talk to their neighbours. Community is what gets people through crisis, not individuals. The entire strategy you retards want people to follow is based on completely ignoring human-nature.

"Yeah, stay in your house for possibly 18 months because otherwise an 85 year old will die!"

How about fuck off and let me have liberty you delusional bootlicking cunt?

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This. People in this country are beyond saving. 64 million losers that never grew up from their 20s.

Where do you import your serfs from? Everyone knows we get em from down south. Is it the same? Are there Bulgarians working the fields there. (bulgarians and mexicans are literally the same thing)

If there is a god he's certainly stitched me up at the moment haha

Eastern Europe yeah.

Fairly certain I’ve already had the dern thing anyway.

Lad, I have been breaking this shit every day. Spent most of today at my friend's house with some other lads.

post SLAGS
post slags

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Polish people are our mexicans

>let me have liberty

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No he wouldn't you spastic paki cunt

Drink your disinfectant.


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To be honest, I’m expecting the public attitude to turn to “fuck off” if this drags on long enough. Imagine if nothing gets eased next review for example. There’d be outrage.

Imagine the stink.

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That’s an ancient Yas Forums meme that’s been dead for years.

>put life on hold and stay home for 6+ weeks for the sake of boomers who will die soon anyway
>said boomers are all out and about business as usual

fuck them
they deserve death

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Findom really is the future

baffling amount of polish people out and about

dread to think what the next census will reveal

Obeying the government's dictates no matter what is the ultimate soyjack move.

When did this lockdown start again? can't even remember.. Was it February?

You cant possibly be comparing Corona virus to the blitz? I mean there are far to many distinctions to list but the clear and obvious one is that corona only effects a small portion of the country and the blitz affected everyone


NEED a bisexual albanian gf to sit on my face

Fake virus
Doesn't exist

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we weren't asked
we were told, and threatened with arrest if we don't comply
and the reason is because there's a flu going round that is blatantly being lied about by these same scumbags to make it seem scarier than it should be
this isn't about being asked to save the free world from tyranny
this is about tyranny being imposed a free society

i just want pints with the lads and casual sex off grindr/bbrt back

They lived and died like human beings though, not sniffing each others farts in perpetual pansydom like battery hens. Sitting around waiting for the "authorities" to tickle their tummies.

A shot of lysol a day keeps the esophageal lining away.

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>yet another lighthearted feelgood movie about a nonce creep insidiously predating on impressionable adolescent girls

ah yes, movies!

Is it okay for guys to have a nose like that? I do. Apparently, girls find it attractive on guys.

Polish men all seem super stroppy and grumpy to me

Would hate to be a polish women stuck with them

Mark obviously
like did you even watch the series