This is warning to those people who think rights, once they've been won, don't need to be defended

This is warning to those people who think rights, once they've been won, don't need to be defended.

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shut the fuck up, youre not a real woman

Based Hungary, being trans is a mental illness, these people shouldn't be accepted they should be helped

the mentally ill need treatment, not rights. playing along with a man's delusions only makes his condition worse.

a swede started this same thread and jannies deleted it

It's okay. You can still dress up as a girl and cut off your wee wee. It's just in your ID it will be written "male" under the sex section.

based jannies

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Mutually exclusive.

That's fascism.


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Based,swedes are even worse than trannies

why if the state says you biological sex is facism?


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>a swede started this same thread and jannies deleted it

I don't give a shit, but why would they delete that one and allow this one?

I never understood this. Why does the left always fight itself? That is retarded

Based Orban

faggots btfo

uhh can I get a based and redpilled check?

What kind of "rights" do they need? They're already equal, they can do whatever they want

dangerously based


how come trans men are bald?
dont they take estrogen which blocks test (DHT)?

Once a tranny was mean to me so now I oppose trains right

tr*nnies deserve holocaust for turning innocent cute twinks into hormonal abominations with maimed genitalia

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What is a "legal recognition of trans people" anyway?

You know that if people with GD go to a psychiatrist they're simply prescribed hormones and send on a therapy that's supposed to help them switch to the gender they identify with because in spite of decades of research there hasn't been a single actually effective conversion therapy developed so far?

It's so fucking annoying hearing people talking about people with GD getting treatment where there's literally none we know of
These people couldn't simply "get treatment" even if they wanted because it doesn't exist

t. A person with GD who refused to transition

But it is true that the birth sex Was male so what's wrong?
Wouldn't that also help with all the confusion made just write male/female as birth sex and identify whatever you want

Therapy and research to make them normal is shunned by lgbt groups

>t. A person with GD who refused to transition
So what developments have there been for you? Are you wanting to kill yourself?

I don't understand identity issues like this. You are born as a male and you don't want to be male.
There are lots of things that this applies to like if you were White but you want to be Japanese. Wouldn't it seem pretty fucking bizarre seeing somebody getting cosmetic surgeries to look more Japanese? Why can't they just accept things they didn't get to choose?

I am ginger. Why does a gender dysphoric person have more justification being outraged with the sex of their birth than I do with the color of my hair?

At the end of the day it seems to me like the substance of the issue is actually a red herring. The identity issue could apply to anything. It's the intensity of mania that leads them to wanting to suicide if they don't have control over every aspect of their being. That's the real issue.

It wasn't until 90s and in most 3rd world countries it still isn't
Do you think that muslim countries would give a fuck about what LGBT lobbyists say?

Based, trans people go away to Canada

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your treatment should consist of coming to terms with the fact that you're just a slightly effeminate and/or homosexual male

>most 3rd world countries it still isn't
They either don't have research and my point stands, you'd be surprised how starving countries have powerful lgbt lobbies.

It's not like that shit is a huge frivolity and a lack of priorities everywhere.

It's distraction from all the stealing and power grabbing they are doing during corona.

I bet youre just "confused" because this is a thing now in big media
being homosexual was bad centuries ago becuase the world needed babies. now with overpopulation elites shill lgbti shit and want people without babies, better if people act like idiots

that people think saying gender and sex are the same is controversial is dumb
>nooooo but what about how the terms are used with minor distinctions by academics in meme fields
>nooooo what about bullshit "theories" that are just ad-hoc justifications for transexuals being labelled the opposite sex when they are manifestly not

Good work Hungary. God bless you.