Damn fine country

Damn fine country

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Stop it. You're supposed to disagree, and then I will own you with facts

Used to be.

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Ok, Swedish Ben Shapiro. Sven Shapiro

>tfw no giant mushroom

Okay then. Uhm...
How are all your rapefugee no-go zones treating you? Rape capital of Europe lololol

It's destroyed by mass immigration and it's still getting destroyed by it because you guys refuse to talk about the problems because they are too sensetive for your liberal society

Back up this with facts, you can't

I am from Finland and I speak Finnish


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Blessed thread ruined by attention seeking faggot


Almost as big of a shithole as USA,Germany,France,Poland,Australia,Finland,Canada and pretty much any other non white country. (Anglos are the only white people)

did you know that the yellow in swedish flag is piss. honestly makes me wonder

Damn fine county

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>Anglos are the only white peo-

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He is celtic retard

Damn fine country with even finer neighbours

I don't know

Sweden has like only 1 skyscraper

Damn. we've been called out

Fuck you

And stop spamming about your province

How do you say Australia in Finnish?

At least they have one...

>no goy! dont be patriotic! pledge your allegiance to (((stockholm))) we are stronger together and diversed hehe

Do you guys listen to Sabaton? :)

E du Stockholmare

Being patriotic is fine, you're just spamming your province 24/7.

>pledge your allegiance to Stockholm
No, pledge your allegiance to Kalmar. Divided we fall.

Östergötland är bättre


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>No, pledge your allegiance to Kalmar.
håhåhåhå look at this dude

Where is this?

Broder :)

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Vilken skit. Västgötar och östgötar är bröder. Ändra skiten NU och gör så att götarna är till höger och en sveabög står till vänster och grinar

What are you, an idiot? Kalmar? Do you think Kalmar was the capital of the Kalmar union? Like wow dude. That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The name only refers to a one time event that happened there. The kingdom was never called the Kalmar union during its lifetime. I swear you people are driving me crazy



It's acutally Västra Götaland. Not Västergötland. There is a big difference

Bättre på fotboll
Bättre på hockey
Ja, bättre på det mesta för att vara ärlig :)

Och östgötaslätta>västgötaschlätta. Vi har en stor slätt, ni har många små som ni låtsas är en sammanslagen.
Västergötland har knappt ens en kust, ni får åka till Bohuslän eller Halland.

ost gotar BTFO how will they ever recover

tänk dig att bo på fel sida om Vättern lmao


I eat farofa

Är ni autistiska?

Yes, västra Götaland was invented a few years ago :)

>ni har många små som ni låtsas är en sammanslagen.
Använd google maps för helvete i tre sekunder så ser du att det inte stämmer
>Västergötland har knappt ens en kust
En liten, ja. Men Östergötland har ingen kust alls. Östersjön är inte ett riktigt hav.