My semester abroad to thr university of Bologna got cancelled recently...

My semester abroad to thr university of Bologna got cancelled recently. It was the only thing I was looking forward to in my life.

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Don't worry, you will get other opportunities. Stay positive

Mate I was going to go overseas for my brother’s wedding. He’s got cancer but wanted to do the ceremony before the chemo strips his hair and energy

I actually won't get another opportunity, I am just about to finish my Master's degree and this was my final chance.
Okay, your brother might be in a slightly worse situation than me..

Lmao university of bologna? Were you getting a degree in processed sandwich meats?

It's the oldest university in the world, have some respect. It was founded in 1088, Americans cannot even fathom that date.

I’m just shitposting lad, sorry to hear about your cancelled trip, most of us are dealing with some pretty bad shit, myself included

What shit are you dealing with?
I'm making more off gibs then ever before

Hahahahaha get fucked normalfag. Next time you'll consider the happiness of being a friendless NEET.

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I'm sorry too, I overreacted..
You're mean bro

Did it start this year or was it about to start in the autumn?


Good. Fuck Dutch people, I hope you suffer and die.

What degree/studies ?

what the heck?

Sucks, man. I was going to spend this Summer in Japan with $9000 to spend in school money, but it got canceled less than two weeks before the start. Hopefully you can at least go later like I am planning to.

international relations

Oh nice i wanted to do that
What do you learn ?

My vacations in Malta got canceled, Air Malta is supposed to pay back my flight ticket but they're not answering my mails

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I can't go to my internship lab
People will probably think i'm lazy and will not want to see my face again
Can't concentrate on studying cause dad almost dying triggered severe anxiety and panick atacks

just fucking kill me now, all i want to do is read novels, watch movies and eat doritos

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How do you tame your anxiety ?
Tourism or partying ?

if that is what you look forward to you should genuinely kill yourself

>How do you tame your anxiety ?
I don't
I don't want to but honestly i should start taking meds, being awake is fucking awful when i'm not reading fiction or watching a movie, my brain feels like this

Same bro.
What’s your job ?
What meds you wanna take, you’ve got a name ?

I don't take meds, I should tho, I am an intern in a lab, I don't do much there anyway I just help in whatever and study, but since the pandemy hit and my dad almost died my anxiety went to thoguth the roof, I can't concentrate in writing my final thesis to end uni, I can't even concentrate in watching the online classes
i'm so fucking sad and depressed I just want to curl up and don't thinka bout any of this shit

Sorry to hear it. I am currently applying to masters programs in Germany that start in October. Hopefully they will be having classes by then.


What degree ?
Try belly breathing
You close everything, pc, book, phone.
You lie on your bed or sit on a comfy chair
Close your eyes
Breathe with you belly and focus on the air flow. Like you visualize the air entering the nostril, going into your lungs and going out
After a while you’ll start having parasite thoughts. Let them come and go. When your mind shift, go back thinking about the airflow

So your brother's still in China huh. Funny how they'd rather write it off as "cancer" than admit it's Covid-19.

i'm sorry
my trip to germany for study abroad was cancelled, very sad. but i've been once already so it's not that big of a deal.
i'm going to make time to go later anyway even if this was the last chance for study.
i hope you get to go and spend a few days exploring the university even if you're not taking classes there when this is all done

I feel you bro my french study program in july might canceled (probably will)

Its 100% free and i finish my degree i june so i can never do it again

i know that feel, my academic stuff got put on hold as well, i was looking forward to getting some exams out of the way, but shit got screwed up by china flu ):

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