You're given 5 million dollars but you have to live in Poland

what would you do?

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I'd kill myself

Move back to my country
I don't like Poland

forgot to add that you also have to live there for the rest of your life

How much money does your average middle class human needs to live from 18 to 80, let's say ?
Because i could probably spend 200-400k on a apartment in a cozy city and live the rest of my life with the rest of the money. I don't know why people shit on poland, considering history and the massive shit hand poland has been dealt? They are doing pretty good

Be the richest person in Poland

it's a kip

not even closeł_Sołowow

buy gdansk or warsaw if i could afford

invest in Eastern Poland, of course

I accept and I marry Keira Metz.

Take the money and travel trhough Europe with the power of schenghen


I would live in Poland

1. Buy a house
2. Two kurwas
3. Enjoy life

Fair enough. Going to get a couple of comfy cottages and an apartment in Krakow, save some for living and invest the rest in attacking Germany

I start living in poland

Free money in a comfy area? Of course

If you have money Poland is pretty nice.
Downtown Gdansk and Wroclaw are a lot comfier than a lot of Western European cities of comparable sizes.

My soul is worth far more than 5 million dollars

based as fuck

i now have 5 million dollars. probably neet till i rope

With so much money I could make a lot of Poles suffer under terrible working conditions and generally sabotage their lifes.

So it's okay.

It's fine to me. I don't poles, but for 5m I can make a sacrifice

I would sell your soul for 2 Euro

Being the richest man in Poland, I'd have sex with her.

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Of course you would, you're G*rman

I would buy back the property of my grandparents, use the money to promote German language in the area and encourage more Germans to move in

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I invest in East Poland

it's lost forever kraut give it up

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so what's the down side again

literally the dream
I would buy a car and a flat and still have leftover to do nothing for the rest of my life