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t. Kevin Wong

Yes, it is.

>Also the virus is a hoax and anyone implementing restrictions is a tyranical democRAT dictator looking to undermine the god emperor

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We should've aided the Japanese in their invasion and occupation of China.

>its another "dad goes on a 15 minute rant about the virus being a Chinese conspiracy to make money selling masks" episode

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>it's another episode of 60 year old father on lung medication informing me he is at no risk because he used to run marathons when he was 30 and his medication is also tested against the Coronavirus

Your dad sounds based.

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Boomers will extend lockdown for all of us because they refuse to believe that they are part of an at risk group.

How does that work? It's exactly those morons in their 50s and 60s that believe to be safe who call for an end on the lockdown.

What's wrong with blaming China? Honest question.

It was a viable tactic in January or even February of 2020 but it doesn't make the virus go away and when there's a gigantic epidemic hitting your country your main focus shouldn't be exposing China and the WHO on Twitter but instead trying to mitigate the impact.


because that is what most people and countries are doing atm. users on this board aim to be contrarian, so they do otherwise

Covid 19 came from china, get over it

>It's China's fault we fucked up our coronavirus response, leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths (next big wave this winter), while countries like Taiwan and South Korea got it under control.

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>the virus was invented by Clinton and Gates and all the world leaders are in on it to enslave us

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It gives incompetent people an excuse to shift the blame and thus the cycle of incompetence continues while we are distracted.

No one blames Mexico for the swine flue or refer to it as the Mexican Virus. No one blames Congo for Ebola or calls it the Congolese Virus.
China had the conditions for a virus to spread to humans but so do most nations. It just so happened to come out of the piece of land known as China.

Also what good does it do to blame China? It won't make the virus go away. Its only really useful to Trump since his base eats that shit up.

no shit

The 5th column.

it is

but also fuck Trump for making an enemy out of the WHO just because they aren't a US puppet

That's not what 'most people' are doing at all.

People in their 50s and 60s are more likely to die from the flu but we don't shut the whole country down every flu season.
Belive it or not a person can do both. Shitting on China doesn't take more than a couple minutes

It unironically is though.

Ebola is a river in Africa you retard...

Why not both , russia?

You should have helped Taiwan number 1.


Very low IQ post.

Portuguese education, ladies and gentlemen.

China WHO?

There is more and more revelations that there were plenty of pneumonia of unknown cause all around the west as early as mis january, but none of our healthcare system cared.
It is honestly incredible that China reacted si strongly from only 41 cases.

if you are on a website with an inflated presence of people holding controversial views, then well, i guess not

>Fat hands were written in those posts
Yas Forums is such a shit board filled with these pro Chinese idiots who labels anyone who is against China's many problems and label them as an amerimutt, Yas Forumstards and r*dditor even though there are other ethnic groups who hates China as much as Americans and europe like the Thai, Indians, blacks, and Arabs you retarded sinophile posters are no different to israelophile trolls who do the same exact thing whenever someone call them out for their history of stealing america's technology and giving it to China, Palestinians getting murdered, and many more they'll be labeled as a anti Semite and a nazi you fucking people are fucking brainlets

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t. Amerimutt

No I'm a person who has an active social life and is also employed. I talk to people outside of Yas Forums and Discord and none seem to blame China


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Why did you tag the Portugal and Dutch poster? You retarded greek nigger.

Why would someone who is pro-Chinese say that Taiwan is a fucking country?

Nothing. But there are 2 groups who will get massively butthurt if you mention China's faults in handling the virus. First, you have the milquetoast American liberals who must make all conversations about orange man at all times, so as soon as you mention China's failures they will immediately get angry and try and switch the conversation back to something cheeto man did wrong. Next, you have the glass heart second generation mainland Chinese (who can generally be identified here by Canadian, Australian, and occasionally US flags) who come here to desperately defend the government which their parents fled from.

Kek. Zhang finally got so mad about being called out that he put on a proxy.

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his dad sounds cringe

Quite a lot but Americans are mostly asspained because they're supposed to be dominating the world and it's not fair

T. Delusional mestizoid

>none seem to blame China
because this is seemed as supposedly racist, or at least not a comfortable subject to speak out loud. i keep a lot of my personal views to myself and i know so do people around me.

>more likely to die from flu
objectively wrong, retard