What would happen if all the Europeans emigrated to North America?

What would happen if all the Europeans emigrated to North America?

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God please no, we have enough problems without more white incels.

school shooting multiplication

Fuck off this continent is full

Cope, the total incel ratio would decrease.


We're not the ones shooting up a school for some girl

R/braincels and incel subreddits are almost always asians and pajeets despite them making up 6 percent of America combined


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Then they get BEANED too.

>participates in coomer and incel threads
>"we're totally not incels!"

Yeah because you don’t have guns and we do


It's not really a diffcult concept to grasp

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We still don't kill anyone because of that, paco

We have guns just less

You have shitty shotguns, you don’t have assault rifles. This is my gun, show me yours.

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is that map supposed to be representative of actual population figures?

Most people I know don't own a gun, but the people I know who do own like 50.
t. Texan

Bullshit, Pierre, you fucks stab and decapitate your parents all the fucking time.

hello future school shooter

>moving to the third world

I have tactical balloon sights on my gun

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Economy doubles

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i see those glasses...

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damn, florida sure is full, I thought it was just a swamp with gators and cubans

>ywn never live in an empty comfy California during 1800's

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No because Im not racist

>you don’t have assault rifles.
That's not an assault rifle you incel

oh in that case cool rifle

Yes, an assault rifle is technically select fire and my rifle is just based on an assault rifle platform.

No, I’m not going to get into an argument about semantics with an autistic pedant that can’t even own my rifle in his country.

Tbh it was destined to be a super power

North America is the easiest continent to empire on, vast easy to navigate and fertile land, no thousand old grudges to deal with, and sparse population considering the geographical size

plus only invasion points are two vast oceans, the arctic circle, or a funnel at panama to chokepoint any south american land invasions to death

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A lot of the land had to be made fertile.
Keep in mind there is a massive Steppe in the middle of the country

It was around 70% white and 30% non whites.

t. exmoderator who did a race survey