So, this guy went to Norwegian jail and wrote 3 books, 1 manifesto, 2 articles, 2 albums, arranged a wife...

So, this guy went to Norwegian jail and wrote 3 books, 1 manifesto, 2 articles, 2 albums, arranged a wife, a new name and a house in France. What the fuck is that how they reform people?

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Has he committed a crime since? There's your answer.

yfw Breivik does the same

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How do we send him back ?

Wasn't that because he was jailed while he was planning to?

>louis cachet
sounds french to me

>Varg thinks French is an immigrant language in France.
Well yes, but so is Norwegian in Norway by that logic. Varg is as dumb as a brick.

He is a nordic LARPer in a med country
He must go back

everywhere the noble norseman puts his foot is norwegian clay, how about YOU get out of my country

this, literal babbling retard that embarrasses himself on a regular basis

And it stills works better than what everybody else is doing. Makes you think.

Well according to him the French are actually nordic, therefore French, a language that's Mediterranean in origin, is an immigrant language and he, a Norwegian nordic, is not.

Vargs a tard, but I still miss his youtube channel

French people are Celts and Germanics who speak retard-Roman. Them pretending to be Meds is just funny.

Breivik being released is not unrealistic at all as we don't have any life sentences in Norway. He could just larp as being rehabilitated but in stead he heils every time he appear in court

very scientific deduction there

What was his last good album? For me it's picrel

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The last I heard of Breivik he was upset about having a PlayStation 2 and called it torture or something like that. He obviously isn't going to bounce back as a normie.

>why yes I am a Germanised Celt, how could you tell?

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Also Varg called Breivik a "Christian loser".

Why he killed the other dude?

We literally have a med coast

Wasn't that like 6 years ago

This, he's also a mossad agent

Based Normans.

His biggest crime is being stupid. One that he commits every day unpunished too.

What does Varg think about Latin America? Almost everyone there is mutted up, so who has proper claims to the land?

France borders Mediterranean sea and shares a cultural history with Italy due to the Roman Empire and Catholicism. Compare that with a nordic nigger who is coping by being an immigrant in a foreign country. He doesn't even speak French properly which is why he posts only in English (as his fanbase is americans/english people and some latam who lack a father figure).

2016. He shouldn't complain, the PS3 sucked and PS2 was better.

It ended in 2018 when the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg refused to handle his case

he thinks only the amerindians have claim to it, this also applies to North America.

Also when someone pointed out that nords lived in hutts while Incas and Aztecs were civilized and built large societies he said something along the lines of "well they lived in deserts according to this one picture, nords cared about their environment!"