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Rhodesia edition

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Is it possible to do yourself high levels of cognitive damage in a single night of drinking? Swear to got I've had brain fog ever since the night where I had about 12 standard drinks and 5 joints in 3 hours.

>when that Cameronboo said Brexit doesn't matter even though it made Cameron resign

hmmmm ok hun

Just bought this

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I hate the brainfog you get the morning after smoking weed

One of my least favourite parts of flu season is when they start digging the mass graves.

had it up to the gills with this corona bollocks now, lancashire man cant be held down by a fucking bat virus are they seriously having a laugh thinking a fucking cold off a bats arse could kill me

give women your money bigots

work from home toil on the morrow

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Brain fog sucks shit. Sometimes I have to read a sentence several times, it fucking sucks

Mass graves are just part and parcel of living in a globalised economy were things from China spread easily to us.

only if your heart stops for a few minutes

Definitely gonna join a boxing or MMA gym once all this blows over. A fucking proper one, ideally with no w*men allowed.

The most patriotic thing you can do is just stay at home pal

>turns out... little monkey fella

based department

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furloughtoil on the morrow
(full pay for doing nothing)


Pretty small hole desu.

Remember last year was a bad flu season. They were queued around the block again in Wuhan to collect their relative's ashes.

By what metric? Twitter follows?
Neither are pleasant characters. PJW's shitcunt comments on social media however pale in comparison to the shitcunt things Morgan has done as a newspaper editor.

I've noticed my reading and typing abilities have seriously gone to shit lately. Used to be fine reading books and writing long essays with minimal errors but now I just make the strangest of mistakes and find it hard to concentrate on reading individual words.

>the most patriotic thing you can do is do whatever the government says no matter what
Ok Mussolini.

PJW is based

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mine is when NHS workers in their 20s and 30s start dying from the flu

Since the money that we're getting from the government is free I'll be using it for findom

Can't decide which girl I should spend it on though. Maybe I'll buy one a computer or iPhone something. I like that idea

turns out... little monkey fella

Got called a Sassenach in Greggs

wonder how bollock lad is getting on

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Been listening to XFM again whilst I've been off. haha

In terms of coronavirus cases per 100,000 population, Sunderland is the 2nd most affected area in Britain (behind only London).

u ganda be kidding me?!

My favourite part of the furlough thing is that people haven't realised it is a loan yet, so everyone is gonna have to pay it back in extra taxation, lmao.

bollock the size of a coke can

Don't you want to be a hero?

>Living in a concrete and plastic jungle, working hard for little pay, consuming the things we're supposed to consume, living a life in which we're neither poor nor rich, unable to think or speak freely and without any real cultural or artistic release

Hitchens predicting the future
Western Europe & USA are destined to have the demographics and crime rates of Brazil, cultural emptiness of Turkey, and government of China

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wow piers is cancelled

Yes. The only thing worse is when multiple healthy children and teenagers are killed every year by the common cold. Tragic.

this danekike/clogwog/japproxy poster needs his head caved in, always the same gay posting style

Reading and drinking une biere in the garden
Bit hit though

have you got that list of infections in local authorities?

That actually does happen every year since Flu is more deadly to younger people than middle-aged people.

i'll have uno beero and a portions of chips pls

I want to smell Emma Watson’s stinky farts.

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Just did one of those poos that leaves you absolutely devastated. Need a lie down now.