Greek culture

>greek culture

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my ancestors :)

My ancestors :)

repetition is the highest form of admiration, user

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Satyricon is a forgery, homosex was a crime in ancient rome.

>Latin Cisscum trying to appropriate our culture again

The way it was meant to be

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wtf I love Greece now


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my ancestors ancestors?

Christian culture .

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In early Medieval years, homosexuality was given no particular penance; it was viewed like all the other sins. For example, during the eighth century, Pope Gregory III gave penances of 160 days for lesbian-like acts and usually one year for males who committed homosexual acts.[19] During the Inquisition itself, it is unlikely that people were brought up for homosexual behavior alone; it was usually for publicly challenging the Church's stance against homosexuality. Those who did not back down would be severely punished.[20]

So? Gay sex is based.

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holy mother of based

Why is he the only homosexual emperor?
If homosex was so rampant?
Homosexuality is common sense being EVIL.

thats pretty gay lad.

Shut the fuck up mutt

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shouldn't have colonized Italy for centuries then

Judeo Christian birds of a flock projection

Reports of abuse to religious authorities rarely result in punishment for the offender; as in the Catholic sex abuse cases—where child molesters were re-assigned to other dioceses—rabbis, teachers, and youth leaders found to be abusing children are usually re-assigned to another yeshiva, perhaps after seeing a board of rabbis.[2]

Many of the people accused and/or convicted of sexual abuse and related charges in Brooklyn's Haredi community are rabbis.[5][6][7][8] Among other accused are a school principal,[9] a spiritual adviser,[10] and a social worker.[1]


>tfw no femboy bf

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uncalled for

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Imagine Greek boys when the big dick slavic and germanic tribes showed up

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What is this from?

Some Thermae Romae collab ad

I wish I had a greek bf

y'know what they say

The greek invented orgies and the romans added women

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Varg was right about civilisation being gay

that's me

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>Yas Forums is for social outcasts only
This is how I know you're new. Yas Forums has been a bastion of normies for years now

Don't get too excited, portugal is one of the ones that's self reported lmao