Do you stand with Iran or with Saudi Arabia?

Do you stand with Iran or with Saudi Arabia?

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Saudi Arabia all day every day

They are both shit. I just lean a little bit more towards Iran cause I dislike USA foreign politics.

iran of course

Doesn't Iran have better wrestlers?

In a food battle, Iran wins.

Iran of course

Fuck them both. Add Israel and Palestine to the bunch while you're at it

The CHAD Persian vs the virgin Wahabi.

I wish them both luck in fighting each other.

Saudi Arabia are our friends, so them

Iran. But I would like better if they get along and solve their differences.
Also fuck the US

Iran. Saudis are Muslim Jews that promote terrorism and get away with it.

Iran is the superior country/people, but their main export is terrorism and theocracy so fuck 'em until they revolt.

it's no fight
no allies for both sides and KSA won't last a week


They're building a network of """allies""" through insurrections.

Based normal and well adjusted posters not siding with enemies of the state simply to be contrarian.

Iran, fuck the Sauds, they are the reason why the middle east is so shitty as it currently is.

Saudi Arabia contributes 0 to the world and is only relevant because of oil. They are extremely lucky to have oil.

Iran all the way. They have had an ENORMOUS influence on Europe and the Middle East. Nobody gives a shit about Saudi Arabia.

Everyone knows ISIS and AQ and yet if you tried to recall the terrorist act Iran supported you couldn't.

Iran, no one sane will stand with US puppets

Someone post how Saudi money is superior to Iranian IQ

We love our state don't we folks?


Hezbollah is an act of justice and resistance against the global powers and the illegal occupation of Palestine

That's because there are literally thousands and they don't deserve mention. Only death.


>Nooo not the guys with the scary masks
name the terrorist act Hezbollah did


How many of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi and how many were Iranian again?

And Iran looks like a cat :3

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Look I don't wanna defend Saudi but Iran has fucked up a LOT of the middle east too.


Yeah, justice for Palestine by killing random Argentinian Jews
Or that Bulgarian bus driver
Or any number of sectarian killings across the ME

thank you for proving my point

I hate Iran.

Iran cause their women are peng

>do you prefer cow shit or pig shit

idk hard decision. Do i have to pick one?fuck both

Iran is like Russia and starts shit with all neighbours and fuels wars while they live like peasants.

Iran just because Saudis are evil and on the jew's side but i also hate Iran a bit for allying China


Two can play that game. Name one invention that was made in Iran. What a total non-entity they are.

Stupid question. Iran of course

Good goy/dhimmi siding with his masters

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Hezbollah are based though


Neither. One is a theocracy sucking on Russia's dick and the other is a slave-fueled dictatorship.

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Meanwhile Saudi is in the middle of fucking up its southern neighbour and has recently botched a political execution. Sounds actually quite a bit like Russia.

>Argentinian Jews

clear signs != proofs

Ice cream!!!!

Saudis are controlled by the kikes. Iran isn't. Easy choice.

>Saudi is in the middle of fucking up its southern neighbour
Forgetting where the Yemeni insurgency was started by Iranian-backed Houthis? Literally USA supporting Syrian-rebels tier.

>Saudi Arabia
Israel and America supporting, Yemeni killing, terrorist supporting cunts
China supporting (they supported Uyghur Genocide), terrorist supporting, irredentist cunts

They both shit, I can't believe there is no Islamic country to say "hey this country is actually pretty good!" but unfortunately there is none. We stood and laughed when America invaded Iraq, China killed Ughyurs, Burma killed Rohingyas and etc and etc

Fuck this gay earth, I hope Corona-chan kills us all

>still falling for jewish tricks