Poor binland :^(

poor binland :^(

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thanks australia

stay safe brother


Old news!

i will now

we're here if you ever need someone to talk to

>we're here if you ever need someone to talk to

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Finns are the most arrogant and rude posters on Yas Forums, so I feel nothing for them desu

From now on I will be nice with finns

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>Finns are the most arrogant and rude posters on Yas Forums, so I feel nothing for them desu

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Fuck you

great post

i think the rate is even higher with american white males, if anything you need to feel something for yourself

WTF, here says finland is the happiest country in the world!

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Good thing I'm not a suicidal cumskin

They are so happy that they kill themselves

it happens, actually

that is a wonderful thing to hear

implying xe's white

It's too many threads about Finland (Suomi)

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being alive isnt a guarantee of success, and being dead is no sign of a life unlived

dhe dualidy of mann:-DDD

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I have been depressed all my life and attempted suicide twice. I have since decided that I will no longer give in to that bad instinct.
However I have also decided that when I am sure I have had the single happiest day possible in my whole life, I will kill myself in the evening. Gotta cash out while you're winning.

i think i will try to go full narc before killing myself. we'll see if it gets to that

Never experienced that myself, I think that crown belongs to either Japan/Fats/German

Because unhappy finns committed suicide, dummy.

Yes cause 0.019% of the population killing themselves every year means the remaining 99.981% are miserable.

i heard norway has a suicide problem

>be in a country with one of the best standards of living
>still kys
explain finns

no society in history has been free of suicide
does that blow your mind

I know, but the suicide rate shouldn't be higher than in literal shithole countries

we're behind the us, belgium, switzerland etc. i dont know where op got his pic from, look it up if you want to

It is 11.7 as of now.