Do you consider them european and white?

Do you consider them european and white?

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who cares Paco

they are too civilized to be wh*TE

not really, they are generally stereotyped as brown people here

boy dutch are really the worse scum on heart


How so? You keep posting le brown med bvll stuff and wonder why people here think of people from Southern-Europe as brown skinned

>and white
Spaniards can be very pale and British looking

yes and yes, we're not Americans who think they are latinos

50% Arab are arab 50% Nordic

hang yourself, unironically. I hope you die, in a painful way, hopefully by my hand.

Calm down Mohammad

Get help.

You're such a fucking retard. Fucking dutch cunts I swear

European ofc
White they literally olived skinned so no

What do you people consider yourself to be like?

Spanish people are not "brown" you fucking idiot. The southernmost ones are tanned but the vast majority of spanish people are fair skinned.

Spanish isn't a race, 50% are Arab/mixed, 50% are Nordic pink skinned and not "olive skinned"

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There's also plenty of fair skinned people in North-Africa do you also think of them as white?

Ok some are white some arent there ya go

>There's also plenty of fair skinned people in North-Africa do you also think of them as white?
0% of nafris are pink skinned or a miniscule amount of them, Spanish isn't an ethnicity.

No retard, they're not European unlike Spaniards.

average non-hispanic white american has more ssa than the average spaniard has arab admixture tho

It's been 400 hundred years and the dutch scum are still salty

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Nordfags will deny it but we come from Europe, therefore we are European

It's just dutch posters, they're fucking cunts. Always trying to stir some shit.

You come from Mena and are Arab but you will deny being Arab, only the pink skin people in Spain are Europeans

As a Dutch who lived in Spain for a while, I would say they are European and majoratively "white" but some of them really are dark as shit, even if they are genetically the same as their dirty blonde countrymen.

>even if they are genetically the same as their dirty blonde countrymen.
They aren't.

I've been there and I definetly consider them Europeans, some look white but a lot look like nafris. I consider a mix between tanned white and brown.

Why do you keep making these threads? Is your life that sad?


Look up any PCA plot, Iberians are genetically very homogeneous unlike Italians.

He's mexican what do you think

I've been surrounded by moroccans all my life (im poor) and when I went to south Italy for the first time I was joking that the pilot flew to Morocco instead.

Don't bring up Jewish maps.

You're a Varg fan aren't you.

I reject Jewish science and so speak of race in geometrical terms and not Jewish nonsense.

it doent what we consider ourself but what our enemy think we are ,and looking how we are subjected to the same displacement as the rest of european certainly they think soo

so i have no choice at all

Yes and yes, white people can be tanned