Small nation good

>small nation good
>big nation bad

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bum bum

contributions to smaller nations stand out more if you are small yourself.

contributing to a bigger nation as a small nation is like pouring a glass of water into the ocean.

>city-state good
>nation bad

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Empirical evidence so far shows that that's indeed the case

a good thing about small countries is that they can't live on stealing to the productive sector, a kind of slavery

If your country has a population over 9 million then it is a shithole


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ehm what? best nations right now are china and us, and germany

Deluded. Relevant or warmongering =/= best. No one in their right mind would say china is a better place to live than Liechtenstein or Monaco

And tell me now who allows small countries like those to exist?

these don't real lol. is all just a spook

Lol no

>why yes, i do believe in a system where everything is voluntary and everyone must be forced into following my arbitrary property rights. how did you know?

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provide examples

unironically this
our only hope for preserving our ideals and way of life is to stand together as european allies

Latin America is being kept under the despotic rule of the USA precisely because the people and countries there are so disunited. You need only consider any banana republic (including Colombia that had a literal banana massacre at the behest of the US government). Or the fact that US unilaterally partitioned Panama away from Colombia.

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And as sad as it is, Panama is doing miles better today than if it still were a part of us, when it was mostly a backwater department. Thanks for proving my point. Also, a balkanized US wouldn't have had any chance to carry out such attacks on Latam. Again, thanks for proving my point

>there are no taxes, laws or roads on the open sea

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Indeed we do

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>thanks for proving my point
Hey retardo it's precisely because the USA is as big as it is that it can abuse you. Also Panama is pretty shit dude, don't try to pull the wool over my eyes. Plus look at places like Suriname or Guatemala if you want even more dire examples.

>USA don't pay dubs, make more war.
>Germany TRY to make EU empire but get brexit butthurt. Also not paying dubs.
>China. Bought USA's dubs. Suckers.

Pay dubs.

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He's a colombian who says Panama and Colombia are first world.

Give up now, he will follow no logic.

>it's precisely because the USA is as big as it is that it can abuse you
Exactly, if they were to split into several countries, they'll lose their capacity to abuse others. How aren't smaller countries better for virtually everyone considering this?

Are you mentally challenged, argensimian? Nowhere have I said that, stop putting words in my mouth. I said (1) Panama is doing far better nowadays than if it still were a part of Colombia, and (2) I've never said we are first world. Stop projecting your inferiority complexes, dumbass

Doubtful, even when city states were the norm massacres and war ravaged the tigris and euphrates.

>socialism for corporations good

Power tends to grow and centralize tho and smaller nations will eventually be absorbed by a larger power

Going by present day emprical evidence we can safely assert that city-states like singapore or monaco enjoy higher living standards than most nations on earth. Adding this,micro nations like Andorra, Qatar, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein have higher standards of living than any large country, including the US, Canada and Australia

roads would unironically be privately funded and well maintained
unlike shit roads built and maintained by statists

You're cherry picking. Most micro states are poor af. Literally go on Wikipedia.

HAHAHAHAHA no. We tried this experiment with a highway lane. Bad results.

Canada is a small country masquerading as a big one.

>freest market would lead to businesses filling pot holes and fix infrastructure

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>most micro states are poor af
that is not true. I bet you are talking about those little islands in the south pacific, cause otherwise your statement is blatant bullshit, and it's mainly due to their geopgraphic isolation. There isn't a single micro state on continental soil that is poor

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You're literally moving goalposts. You can't jerk off Singapore and then ignore the multitude that shows poverty is endemic for most micro states.

please post examples of continental microstates that are poor. I'll wait. Go and check Africa if you wish, I believe there's actually a poor enclave within South Africa

I'm not playing this game anymore. Here's the list. Qualitatively examine it.