1. You're cunt

1. You're cunt
2. You're favorite national cuisine

ITALY, they taught the world how to eat

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What are you trying to convey?


That some american lasagna, italianos don't make it that way.

1. flag
I don't have much experience with other countries food. Only burgers and Chinese food, some korean
2. Non bat Chinese food

I knew some cocksucking faggot would make thsi comment

Fuck you


T. 1/64th Italian

indian, greek, turkish, asian, mexican

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tank you sweden
you're my greatest ally

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Chinese, they taught Italian how to eat.

No, thank you.

You brought us Lasagna, Spaghetti Puttanesca and Pignolis. Without you we would be eating grass and sucking on tree bark for nutrients. We did not know how to eat until you taught us. Thank you based ally.

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Americans try to steal Italian cultural aspects all the time, no surprise there.

We just got everything.

Foreign would be hard, probably Italian. Also lova Asian and Balkan.

Why so self hating?

I love Swedish cuisine, but just as the sun rises in the morning, ITALIAN cuisine is just simply superior to all else. It is the way of things.

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Italy but expat in Singapore
Indian by a mile

literally the flag in my post
fucking Italian food, specially the goddamn Carpaccio
is that a /wtg/ pic?

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Asian is a big word user.




ah shit

are you that mallorca spaniard?



what's your opinion on this guy?

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bush tucker


>the guy who organized the Francoist invasion of Majorca
no fucks given, back then my family lived in Minorca
we woulda liked a semi-independent Balears tho

Italian is also reallyreally good

he wanted to annex the baleares he was based, too bad Mussolini was a cuck

Isn't it basically all
>cut random veggies
>fry togehter with cuts of meat
>add some sauce
>serve with rice
(fuck Sushis, tho)

afaik he only wanted Balears in a Gibraltar scenario, meaning independence from mainland but under Italian sovereignty

Stop consuming you fucking slaves of stomach.

Greek is the best
They taught italians how to cook

Without eat human is kill

Too right, cobber.


I miss our seafood.

Could probably eat schwienhaxen and bratwurst for the rest of my life so I will say German food OR Vietnamese food IN Vietnam was probably the best food I’ve ever eaten.

Italian is for fat vegan bitch or bitch with no personality or baby and old people who can eat spicy food. Turkish has much better and complex taste

Glad you think the same. There are a lot of good cuisines though .-.

Dutch Indonesian

Massive cuck or albanian rat


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most likely the latter

what's wrong with being Albanian or Romanian? to add your claim, there isn't single cucked Shitalian who doesn't believe overrated Shitalian food is the best in the world