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gib vladivostok gf. the left one.

>I suffer in Russia

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Left: 7/10
Right: 4/10

Mind you my standards are very low
They're all probably -2 points for somebody more picky than I

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explain to me how come every russian girl has a literal 8+/10 face, i saw this first person when i visited st. petersburg and blew my mind

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kawaii asian genes

Vladivostok is such a shithole. Link ?

the left one is a bae

fucking russians, they are surrounded with qts they could fuck all day, but they choose vodka instead

Because they're batshit insane and are good for nothing but being fucked
This fact is supported by the divorce rate and domestic abuse rates
Russian women are intolerable, most men would prefer an ugly-ish girl who is in her right mind to an average 8+ "babe" who'll ruin their entire life within 10 years

You're telling this as if Russian men are better than Russian women

this mixed with white slavic+nordic genes. They are basically very bleached hapas.

nfkrz is a pretty cool dude

why is there a seemingly big difference between how russian men and women look? is it because all the good looking men were sent to their death fighting wars? and somehow the ugly women got lost. im serious

Eastern European women have a bad reputation of being gold diggers and crazy.

Broad faces don't look good on men but can look cute on women. Also Russian men do not give a single fuck about their appearance, which is quite the opposite from Russian women.

meh. if it worked like that, it would've happened everywhere at some point in history.

Russian men and women represent the full potential of their gender, men are the manliest and the women are the most feminine. Men aren't supposed to be pretty, they're supposed to be tough. And that's what Russian men are.

(unlike you greek pansies)

i know vikings robbed the british isles of all the qts

also no, different countries have different stories

western woman are ugly

This is the high iq answer, I lived in Ukraine for a while now almost every girl I see here is unfuckable to me

I know there's a small subset of women in every European nation that love English culture (old Tudor buildings, Chaucer and Shakespeare, quaint villages, etc) and want a handsome ANGLO BVLL with dark hair, fair skin and blue eyes to ravish them in a field on a Summer's eve

I want to find a Russian girl like this

Good job Finnish girls love Anglo cock then, buddy

they take better care of themselves on average, at least in their youth

lol did you get offended
finns werent even vikings
but i still bang your mum

do you think it's impossible to find sane woman in russia?

>I suffer in Russia


westshits killed off all attractive woman genes by burning every girls that wouldn't sleep with them as a witch