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fresh outta hecks

Shut it down

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what the fuck is /brit. ?

properly halfassed edition

could one of you lads rudely tell me to go do some work? ta

Wankers in utes when they merge at the last second in a lane that's clearly been ending for the past 500m.

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Business idea: Foreign flags are only allowed to post here every 5 minutes so they can fully learn about our culture and watch us post. Insert a 5 minute timer for non British flags in /brit/.

Are Daniel is an absolute lad


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it's over for morgan

What's it like as an adult? I heard there's different grades of inhalers and you have to have a good reason to qualify for the best ones.
Remember my mate was quite literally trapped inside his house whenever backburning season was on ahah.

we are the knights who say ni-

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>our culture
arent you welsh

never really seen the point in going abroad

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Don't know who any of these people are. Piers Morgan is black I think? Couldn't tell you about the others.


Hahha state of english 'men'


do indians really?


I got drugs in my pocket, I don't know what to do with them

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Careful. He's about.

Unironically starting to believe that democracy is a failed idea and that constitutional monarchy is the best form of government

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It's not too bad. Only really an issue after intense exercise but mostly because I'm unfit. Only need to use my inhaler when I'm either sick or exercising. Fine otherwise. Do get mad hayfever though.

Ever seen the view from 5000ft up an Alpine mountain? It's class.

whats this mans story

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doing a bit of a listen

me too

not been abroad in 8 years.

state of southerners, would have double legged that jock the second he got within a foot of me

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the uk is a constitutional democracy

the 190cm origin story

my biggest fear is indians and nigerians coming on 4channel and absolutely swarming the boards with their cringe humour

This is my favourite PJW video



i've been partaking in drugs for the past few years

therefore i know a fuck load about British culture

why is PJW so triggered?

Getting the daily dose of Titania McGrath

eat the bugs lads

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I'm here from Yas Forums, gentlemen.

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We're a failed parliamentary democracy and a ceremonial monarchy

If you have a favourite PJW video you need to fuck off this site, you underage cunt

Just want one single spliff.

getting my daily dose of milk

Isn't that a bit risky on concrete?

business idea: captchas but it's pictures of slags haha select all images with bums haha wahey

yeah but you're welsh mate british culture is just a cope way of saying english culture

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you may be onto something here mate

no thank you

this but transit vans

Still mad this corona baloney stole are sweet Gretum's spotlight.

third worlders are universally retarded

How new are you?


shut the fuck up you know fuck all about anything you sad cunt

bet you didnt know how the Welsh did an absolute job on the Russians in Euro 2016 whilst you cunts were caught running on camera looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

then you get beat by part time dentists ahahahahahahahahah

unless he knows exactly whats happening and has had it done to him a few times nah

I love post punk 2bqh

>number of deaths is high
>number of deaths is low

yes Paul Joseph Watson has been making some murmurings recently but the real stir for those who properly have their ear to the ground is coming directly from odious beetlesmeg and the inscrutable scroteworm.

Lately they've really moved into their own and pulled away from Meniscus Moldbug, breaking some entirely new ground in the arena of right-wing internet commentary. Anyone who wants to be taken seriously needs to be up to speed on their latest vlog offerings

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always laugh when I remember australia makes these

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only still watch PJW cause his videos are short and reasonably tongue-in-cheek. don't even agree with most of the shit he says

watching the other twats of his ilk who bang on for hours a day every day is unimaginably grim and a sure pointer to someone with serious personal issues

It's kind of funny the first time but how can they make a million videos of the same thing and still enjoy it?

while i do appreciate the link because a lot of it is what i was looking for, i am a bit annoyed because one of the most popular videos on the channel is a bunch of nonces convincing a teenager to stay with them so they can drug her and fuck her more while her parents call her worried because she's a groupie