What an awesome country

What an awesome country.

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yeah greece is based

shame about the people though

shame about the people though

australian-greeks are one of the most annoying groups of people you could ever imagine.
Greece and real greeks are based though

are they italian-american "muh heritage" tier?

probably worse honestly

>diaspora people are shit
more news at 11

How annoying are they exactly?

Based thread

unbelievably, they need to let you know they are greek constantly, I really mean constantly every greek person I know mentions it everytime I talk to them so I can only assume they tell people this every day, I've only met two that have actually been to greece as well.
they have this superiority complex that makes them think they are better than any other wogs so they argue with nobody but themselves about how they are so much better than italians and turks.
They talk about the inventions of ancient greece like they had any connection to it whatsoever when they were born and raised in australia and only speak english, it just makes you think if greece is so fucking good why did your family move here?

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i have an uncle there, who never drank water, only beer

Greece is an orthodox shit hole

i never been there. but i think greek have nice food, generous-friendly people, sexy dark haired-eyed curly girls but lazy and hedonistic people.

Greece is a 1st world country you albanian rat

I go there every few months and can't say that they are lazy. More like depressed and cynical. But yes, the food

I've been on vacation to greece twice, nice people and nice places

do really swiss people have armory in the houses?

People who go into full LARP mode without knowing something as basic as the language are the worst

I'm genetically greek I can LARP all i want

oh. my fault.

shit country populated by shit people

>shit country populated by shit people
State motto of turkey

Αν δεν ξέρεις ούτε κάτι τόσο βασικό όπως η Ελληνική γλώσσα τότε δεν έχεις κανένα δικαίωμα να αυτοαποκαλείσαι Έλληνας.

Μάλιστα θα έλεγα πως ο γύφτος που ζει στους δρόμους της γειτονιάς μου είναι πιο Έλληνας από εσένα.
Τουλάχιστον εκείνος ζει εκεί από τότε που γεννήθηκε και ξέρει τη γλώσσα.

You can have guns, yes. But only with a special license and if you are in the army. You can keep the gun at home until you leave the army. However ammo is stored at the base (some exceptions)

So yes, you sometimes see people in uniform with a gun, riding a bicycle.

Sounds based except for the not speaking any Greek part.

Ayy lmao.

come home

A Greek with down syndrome is worth more than the entire Turdish population, as far as I'm concerned.

Based dropkicks

Weird, why'd they move to Australia specifically? It's ages away.

initial boom after WW2, we needed more people to really be a functioning country so our government took in heaps of european immigrants, there was lots of opportunity and a similar climate here