My dictator waifu

My dictator waifu

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She looks like she needs a good American BVLL.

your brother-in-lawfu kinda ded tho

She looks like she needs a good BLACK BVLL.

I'm already getting tired of seeing this ugly gook's face, please refrain from posting images of her in the future.

I'm kim even dead yet?

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She looks like typical asian girl from BBC videos.

This, the memes with her are already dumb.


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Meme asides, she is average...

I bet she's kind of trad too.
Doing the party work at day. Speaching against the US evil hegemony at afternoon. Making dinner and having steamy hot sex with her husband at night.

what the FUCK

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she probably has her own sex slave group
All Male Kims family had their own sex salve group. Why not for her?

>attached ears
Lol what a bug


would continue the kim dynasty with

cope further, malteser

>I bet she's kind of trad too.

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Where's her black boyfriend?

Did Kim get the coof?

that's not how you spell slave

Martin Shkreli?

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Dennis Rodman is in US

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Guess that's what korean's girl look like without makeup.

This. Looks exactly like gook cumdumps I knew in college

>that toast edit

I think enough zoomers don’t know who he is that you could post him and pretend he’s actually one of her brothers

>no double eyelid
Stop posting this ugly goblin

seethe more arab

Dictate the terms of my execution mommy!