The king in the North (Africa)!

The king in the North (Africa)!

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Looks caucasian.

His mum is a white Berbress.

he's gay btw

no we are not (also his mom looks just like an incel female version)

what is he a fuckin arab halfie or something?

Berbers are blue eyed blonde Europeans.
Brownies are brown because they mixed with blacks and Arabs.


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My friend dated his cousin

well his mom is neither blond neither blue eyed so your first claim about his mom being berber is false

Dios mio...

t. Seething brownie

wtf there's a cunt named hungry

are all moroccan royals as based as the current king?

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>those sloping shoulders

don't ever call berbers white, we'll make you our bitch

Why is he always dressed so goofy?

those pictures are taken outside of morocco during his holidays where he spends his time doing mad haram things

the let me tell you about your people face

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is this is traditional clothes of hypebeast streetwear?

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>trying to argue with nazi by posting your fb friends' picture on an imageboard

mibounisians at it again

dumb algerian those are hungarians

Sub 80 iq

shut the fuck up nafri, berbers are proud MED BVLLS

nafri berber
and yes you just supported my claim jorge

His milf mother along with Macrons wife.

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Left most would pass as a white. Middle is a Turk.

>Moorest Gump

Dont be rude to north africans, once they mad, they will free the border and unleash the sub-saharans into your country.

>berber white
Sorry but since when berbers were white? I lived among them for years, never seen a white among them, also his mom is from fez not berber

The turban isn't' moroccan, or at least different from the one we have

>your people
Why tunisians love clinging to us, I thought only algerians do that, sorry tunibro but we are different you have nothing in common with us

Eurafricanid and Berberid are unambiguously and unironically white/europid phenotypes

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I know a French Berber and he said that he is from the Kable tribe and he is white and more European than me.

He looks Latino

Can I pass as a bulgarian?

Will I be beaten up if I visit easter europe?

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