What is the best thing about being American?

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culture, unironically

dying for israel

serving israel

Ruining the world for everyone.

if you don't say FoS, you don't know anything

The amount of seethe you cause by meerly existing

Living in a country with forest,plains,mountains, deserts and beaches

Rural New England

freedom of speech with an asterisk next to it

you probably have more freedom of speech than americans minus the nazi stuff

not knowing the english spelling like this idiot

and how is that?

Case and piont

the best thing:
Nobody bothers you for being the wrong race or religion.
the worst thing:
because we stigmatized and are slowly destroying those concepts through miscegination and materialism.

the best americans are the mormans of utah, and the amish.

>not knowing the english spelling like this idiot
Oh no no no no

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2nd Amendment. States like Massachusetts, California, etc. aren't America anymore, they're wannabe Europeans.

While I’m a liberal, I’m a moderate one. I have no problem compensating people for doing a better job, or one that I can count on. The reason waiters only make a few dollars an hour in America is because YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO TIP THEM 20%! This ensures they’re on point, doing their job, and it’s in their best interest that you have a memorable experience.

Europeans don’t understand this concept, and while many will bitch or not tip while coming to the US, the truth is, our sales tax is low (6-8%) while places like Germany, you’re looking at almost 20% anyways so it’s essentially the same price regardless.

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Massachusetts has more soul and is more American than whatever shithole fly over state you live in

based facist collaborator

Low taxes, cheap food and beer. Getting lots of attention online.

Extremely based

Not having to wash your penis.

Can confirm. Soap has never touched my penis.

My wife does that for me.

oh boy I would like to know...

Oh boy yeah

Ignorance is bliss.

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The anticipation of election night where Magapedes cry.

The cheap coca cola.

>Greatest flag and borders, unrivaled national glory
>First Amendment
>Second Amendment
>First World prosperity; richest country on Earth
>diverse climate, much of which is nice and temperate
>lots of space in terms of infrastructure, architecture, available land, etc
>amazing food on the high end
>origin country of many great video games, movies, songs
>Halloween, Christmas, and the own national day are honored and celebrated like they should be
>list goes on
There is no one thing, God bless the United States

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They're very rich*
*unless they're poor

Imagine being able to go online and seeing people talk about your country nonstop, seemingly with in-depth knowledge about it, from places all over the world that you only know cursory information from, more often than not absolutely foaming at the mouth over extremely minor aspects of life that your country possesses. And they even have the courtesy to use terminology native to your country in your language because they're so utterly inundated with media influence from your country that they honestly don't even know where their own influence ends and yours begins, sometimes even engaging in activities that were seen as aspects unique to your country just 30 years ago.

It's really something else.

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