I would bear the torment of eternal damnation until the end of time to taste the seat of her car but once. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her, nothing I wouldn’t say. I would beat my own mother to death with my engorged penis if it would bring a smile to Kim Yo Jong's shining face. I wouldn’t even let myself cum until she gave me permission.

I love you, Kim Yo Jong. Please. Be mine. Be my wife, my lover, my Juche mommy, my everything. Say yes. I see it in your eyes, when you’re up there on that throne talking about nuking Japan or whatever. Answer my calls, respond to my letters. Something. Give me a sign, Kim Yo Jong. I’m waiting for you.

I’ll always be waiting for you.

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>new at about 290
like to live dangerously do we?
bit of an adrenaline junkie?
well you just be careful

wait, there was an even EARLIER one and everyone's gone to it??
we'll see about that


Don't get how people can spend the hours a day doing unpleasant repedative motions to make any meaningful inrodes into fitness
I did 10-25km on a bike a day out of circumstance and after 3 months vs after I'd put on 15kg and now lost half that I've never felt any difference at all in fitness or what my body can do

Out on the South Downs lads, will simply never understand the runts ITT that think Britain is depressing

i had a better edition in mind but nooo you just had to go and post an early shitpost edition


Lots of seething under this

imagine sanna marin licking your bollocks tenderly after kim yo jong bashed them in

Just want to thank you for reusing an old instead of making a new

going to funky town want anything?

fuck off i was robbed by the sneed edition 50 minutes ago

Platinum and Heart Gold.
Corr I might give em another play through but I have such a giant backlog of video games to play already.

get us a few treats from flavour town while you're on your way there


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yeah fair enough i understand being robbed of an opportunity to realise your vision for a new
no dramas mate i'll wait until another time

NEED my willard sucked upon

good lad!

omg you lads are such losers

alri lad come back up the A24 and meet me at the dog and bacon after yeah

Mental how people like this are 4channeling as we speak

She looks pretty average.

genuinely crippled by my desire to be dominated by kim yo jong and her long schlong

My top 3 Pokemon games? Crystal, FRLG, Emerald

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downies are all really happy aren't that

Note how she is too proud to adopt western makeup trends like all the other Asian women do, to try to appear as white as possible.

Kinda admirable.

You admitted to wearing thigh highs so I don't think you can judge anyone of being a freak, poofter

She's the future leader of North Korea, after the current one dies.

I ruined this general by linking it across r9k, Leftypol, bunkerchan, /bant/

You're welcome :)

dommy mommies IN

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why do yanks call you limeys

For me it's Emerald=Crystal, Platinum, HeartGold/Soul Silver

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And then jacinda Arden does a massive shit in your mouth

training to beat Red on Soul Silver, proper slog but will be worth it

no i didnt lol you gamer queer

/MENA/ posters probably

what's one thing that you're really good at and lots of people would pay good money to be as good as you at?

for me it's ableton live



yeah but she has an allure that goes beyond mere looks
pure sex appeal

dont understand people getting nostalgic for stuff they liked when they were a kid and find it a bit weird and noncey in fact

jai bollockhii!

the fuck is wrong with nips? they're unfathomable to me

I think that is called a personality.

I want Kim Yo Jong to squeeze my testicles while lecturing me about Juche ideology

is your brain broken

why do they do anything desu

Just me and the bairns from now on

anyone know the name of that russian army mummy?


Emerald, Crystal, Platinum = Black2

red or blue, maybe yellow was soul
rest is zoomer poo poo

Took this pic earlier lads x

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cause we eat limestone

bet your mum forced you to watch soaps when you were a child and didn't allow you to enjoy anything

>Route 210
Based, simply based.

nah some people just have the right energy. like god himself has branded "shagger" on their souls

It's called being the only female on Earth with nukes at her disposal.

thought black2 was pretty alri

they were happier days lad

watching tiger king last weekend really left me frazzled. spent the whole subsequent week deliberating in my head who was the worst person in the bunch

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Yeah possibly. Just a bit wild how the big promise of the Internet bringing people together has just led to more of the same old same old.

do you miss playing on the swings too?

In the 1800s, British sailors would eat lime and lemon fruits to prevent scurvy.
Yank sailors didn't eat fruit and mocked the British sailors by calling them "limeys".

what if i robbed the kwik e mart?

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fingered your mum in one of these doorways

all three of these get me going
azalea town is a fucking vibe man
good lad

interesting, thank you

Pretty sure Melania could convince that doofus to fire one if she really wanted.

refuse to believe there are blacks, poos, chinks or even women posting in these threads

not for me they werent

Looks like a Chernobyl victim

One kid from another school swung all the way around and they never saw him again

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>he's not being a good doggy for mummy scarlet

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Real parallels with today

Dreamt that I went on dragons den with a product idea for a foldable electric toothbrush with a charging station network at every water fountain (great for the homeless)
Duncan Bannatyne told me it's a terrible idea but the paki lad sympathised with me a bit


the worst part for me was that meth lad from califonias funeral with his meth mum crying while listening to joe exotic reminisce about the times he used to get his balls out in front of people when he was on drugs

shall be reusing this pasta for many moons to come


So depressed

u was saying, buster!

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Lads, look I just did a time travel.

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Who has it worse, a black man living in China, or a china man living in Africa?

if you're english and don't have an RP accent or if you're australian and don't have a cultivated accent then you need to jump off a bridge

>Hey donny could you nuke China please?
>Sure Melania.
>*ends up dropping sarin gas over Chile*

doing a space think

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I never even read the OP I just pooost

I'm poooosting I'm pooooosting

wonder do ethnics genuinely seethe at the casual racism on Yas Forums or do they just laugh it off as shitposting/bants?

Don't believe you, dreams don't have electricity

This is quite possibly the worst take I have ever heard.

i have a sort of faux-RP accent i got from growing up poor and then going to uni and being around loads of tarqs. makes me cringe every time i hear myself.

after year 10 i wagged almost every single class until i got expelled

Kim Jong Un being the fat spoiled retard king who dies young and Kim Yo Jong being the cunning intelligent manipulative ice queen who takes over sounds like a Game of Thrones plot

righto why'd you do that then

Kim Yo Jong is only a few years older than me. When I was in high school she would have been in high school too

Is this my life now? World leaders in my age group? How long until they start being younger than me?

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watching world at war and have to be honest nazi germany looked quite nice

watched first 2 episodes of 'gangs of london' yesterday. load of shite. byker grove had better writing.
downloading sopranos (season 1 - 6)
looks like kino is back on the menu boys

The chink in any scenario because chinks have small dicks and no sex appeal

have drank an average of 9 pints a night this weekend

Back to work tomorrow. I'm really gonna miss not having to deal with people.

thinking about your dog again? sad act

This was the toughest Pokemon I ever had, Motherfucker could KO God with one punch

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reckon woman presidents and that could have slaveboys and some people would apply for that position

depends, in my experience immigrants are pretty lenient, but 2nd or 3rd generation 'immigrats' born here get the Guardian disposition and there's no joking around them

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?