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did the man fire up the meme proxy again


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UK to close stable door after horse has bolted

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whats he like lads!


paki well and truly BTFO

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Very early there faggot.

Zhu - Faded

what a tune

you might need uBlock origin as well for it to work if you haven't already installed that

the others kind of make sense but i don't see kryton being a commie

I'm enjoying in the shadow of the sword by Tom Holland at the moment. Its on early arab conquests but its a real in depth look at the religion and ideology and how Islam only really became an actual thing resembling the modern thing decades after the conquests.
It challenges the general narrative of the thing but it's not rorkey at all where Muslims aren't le evil horde against honest christians

London as a whole isn't nice.

That "nice" bit of London? The place with all the nice shops, cafés, museums, galleries, landmarks, markets, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs, etc? That's all central London, and it's only one part of London. The only people who can really afford to live well in central London are tarqs.

As for the vast majority of London, where the vast majority of Londoners actually live- north London, south London, west London, east London- it's pretty much just grim poverty estates and soulless suburbs. They have the same shite 99p shops, charity shops and dodgy takeaways that the rest of the shit towns in the UK have. That's what London really is for the most part, a really big shit town. Trying to say that all of London is like central London is horribly dishonest.

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but I live in West London and it's lovely

Reckon Everytime and Lucky are Britney Spears' best songs.

fucking hell imagine being cooped up in one of those runt hives in the background

good picks

The tourist bit of London is nice to spend a week in maybe.
But you gotta keep aware of your surroundings and that innit.

yh g the road is real sad

dont wish road on no man

but wen mans gettin money from road and bringin to his mum n tha u think she going to vex up?

nahh... that or £7 an hour n u cant afford to eat n tha n tha if ur lucky cuz the white man dont like the yutes of today

sad real sad

In my country there is problem

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London feels likes it is in a bit of a crisis

one day scientists will decipher this text

A paki problem

great scene

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Reckon the first three Potter books were alright but the fourth was so shit I never bothered with any more

poortherners and seething scots telling me about how dangerous London is and why we should all hate it is exactly like pic related

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shut up

Speak English or fuck off quote frankly.
Nobody here speaks inner London nigger gang slang.

what was wrong with the fourth?

I think most people would consider places like Fulham and Richmond to be pretty nice

London would be cool if it weren't for the fact that everyone is a tourist. It's not just that it's completely unaffordable now, it's also culturally dead.

winding up the yanks on Yas Forums is heavily underated

the fourth is my favourite
the third was the worst book and the worst film though all the films were shit after the 2nd one

Mental how listening to sad music makes you feel better

White people ladies and gentlemen

Really believe they started ghost writing them half way through book four anyway.

aah yes london

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sorry one 190. I mean one day very clever men who do smart things will work out what this texts mean. i forget you're diddling spacker who is also retarded

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isn't really though is it

A northerner and a Scot almost definitely both have larger houses with more rooms and bigger rooms than you do


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Janner Bamboozled

are cops allowed to drink on the job or is he just overly gay and enthusiastic?


Fucking fuming lads just went the coop and there is a queue around the corner, ended up just coming back. I just want some water and pringles!

first two movies are charming films in their own right then it all went grim, not just in tone but in how grim they are to watch

it is though. people are just getting on and living their lives while you virgins are seething about where has more white people

ok so what, we're all originally from large houses in the countryside in my friend circle here anyway


ask me if i care

If Red Dwarf came out today /brit/ would be raging about white genocide because two of the main characters are black.

mental how much I'm being ripped off as a pintman
missus bought a bottle of wine for FIVE dollars

janny's asleep

sucking a golf ball

Genuine oppression

haha state of you
into your runtbunk now aleister, go on scamper along now

*ring ring*
>Hello, is that user?
>Good afternoon user, my name is Phillip from Based Department
>This is just a quick call regarding the recent submission you made to our databased.
>If I'm correct, your submission was a screencap of a Yas Forums post in which a poster refuted the argument of another poster by calling him a racial slur.
>After careful scrutiny and consideration by our Based analysts, we have determined that your submission unfortunately does not fit the "based" criteria and therefore has been referred to the cringe department.
>We apologise for the disappointment, Mr. user. We hope this does not dissuade you from making submissions in the future.

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what do you lads think happened to kim jong un?

/brit/ and the whole of Yas Forums is just teenage incel neo nazi spergs who honestly need putting down.

mate stop responding to your own post


that humour was utter shit and i can smell the virgin freak from it

so behave

Rorke lives in your head rent free


this is me

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he's a cat, he's not black

Yeah but at least there are professional jobs in London and there is always stuff to do.

He got kim jong ill

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London seems more like a bunch of large towns all connected together rather than one large metropolis like NY or Tokyo, each borough has its high streets and thats about it really

imagine getting a cold call from amer in his call centre

might start replying to slagposts like this instead of just saying corr/phwoar


>STILL replying to 190 nieces nonced
cannot stand you lot sometimes

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isn't NY or Tokyo like that too


get fuck all matches in london

but always match really nice girls in manny like junior doctors with round bums, pretty faces and an active interest in visiting art museums

fuck off

spot on. everytime is a really great song

the subhuman cope


yeah... go ahead ask me

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what if i robbed the kwik e mart?

is this real?

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london girls want black guys

so shit at chatting on tinder

a girl said her perfect sunday is 'brunch, sitting in the garden and drinking coffee''

i said 'im having your perfect sunday'

she didnt respond

Lederhosen and beer are actually pretty common here desu, I've been to Scotland and I'd say lederhosen is more commonly seen than kilts over there, still not usual of course except during oktoberfest

killing eve tonight

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anyone else enjoy tunes

The boys

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Where'd you get this picture of my dad?

It really do be like this

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anyone have that pic of nigel farage balancing a glass of water on his head?

You ever hear how if you act retarded ironically long enough, you'll be surrounded by actual retards?
That's what's happened here.

2010 Yas Forums everyone was a weeb, nerd, tranny or other freak being ironically retarded and ironically racist.
Now all those types have gotten old and fucked off, and we're left with the genuine retards and genuine racists.

complete crap

me scrambling into the pubs when they reopen

rorke: origin stories

no you're just a joke

atheists be: there goes grandpa

>p-people used to only pretend to be racist on Yas Forums

massive leftypol cope

Never been to Tokyo but the likes of Brooklyn and Queens etc in NY you still feel like your in the city, London doesnt really have that feel

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she says this like that's unreasonable

How is she supposed to reply to that

Keep in mind that girls would rather talk about themselves than talk about you. Talk less about what you're doing or what you want and instead just keep asking her stuff or saying stuff that gives her more room to talk

umm no Yas Forums was always seething virgin rorkes

didn't read

genuinely terrible opinion