Why are Europeans against the idea of a united Europe capable of competing economically with the USA and China to put...

Why are Europeans against the idea of a united Europe capable of competing economically with the USA and China to put Europe number one again?
Isn't it supposed to be a good thing?
Or maybe do you like your American masters too much?

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I like the EU and I like the US too

>mfw Macedonia and Albania are 100% eligible
>mfw Ukraine will be a member too

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stop posting trannies

Love the EU, love me US
Don’t like UK, don’t like Switzerland nor Sweden. Not a racist just don’t like em simple as.
Big Wendy’s fan

Thank you for your service

because different races shouldn't mix

>simple as
as what

>mfw Ukraine will be a member too
seems to me that it's going to be completely annexed by R*ssia before that happens

Stfu or no one will pick your Sparghel.

Glad that we could deliver you all the brown-skinned delinquents. You are welcome, more are to come after the lockdown ends.

nah i dislike other europeans too much

It will be split. Crimea and the East goes to the Ruskies, Hohols will enact a law that you can only be Ukrainian citizen yet never verify iit properly when Russians apply to it, letting them flood Europe. Putin can get rid of the progressives from his country while sending his own people at the same time. Also Hohols work even cheaper than Bulgarians and Romanians do.

Usually we beat them to death when they aren't close in lidl cages

Oh also: more come and more crime are made and more right-wing grows

EU is a foreign power just like the US is.
Better to leave EU.

>Hohols will enact a law that you can only be Ukrainian citizen
I thought this was already a thing? Ukraine doesn't allow dual citizenship.
Or maybe I'm getting confused

EVROPA will rise against all odds and hatred. Just watch

you are your own foreign power, have fun getting boned by the cia and ccp

As nothing, stupid mutt.

It wouldn't be run by Europeans is the problem. All the bigger, important nations were compromised by importing waste. A truly united Europe would consist of underdeveloped regions i.e Slavlands since no immigrant wants to live with us uncivilized folk when they could be getting some illegal pussy in Germany with no consequences and shit. And I doubt Slauropa could compete on equal terms with the big boys without getting help from our Russian brothers from the east, which is another problem because people don't like Russians for some reason.

> by importing waste

Like eastern europeans? Everyday and it's all the same jokes on this site

The fact that Ukrainians come to Bulgaria to work for minimum wage really tells you about the situation in Ukraine

so it's complicated then?


the entire seaside is full of Ukrainian and Moldovan bartenders, reception workers, lifeguards etc.

Eastern europeans are still european you slut. I'm talking about the various brownskins people seem to think are worth importing for internet points.

because countries like yours would be dragging the west down until the end of times.

good. tax them

problem is who would lead it, none of them really like the others making decisions for them politically and only 3 could ever really lead it and one is crippled so bad by the growing influence of one of the others that it is leaving the EU when its political class decides it can no longer ignore the calls of its plebs and its attempts to tell those same plebs that it cant be done fails

US culture is homogeneous throughout the entire US, every single EU country has its own traditions, culture, customs, etc. while some very similar to one another it's not totally homogeneous. also fuck globalism.

do you really think that hardcore nationalist are thinking that far?

Because each nation state is too different, and too suspicious of central power obliterating domestic governance.

I can't see a path to European unification purely because of this and also the lack of a common pressing goal (soft integration for economic growth is not a rallying call of the people). Also the EU is such a soulless disinteresting vacuum and arguments for European integration imply it would be done under the EU banner which is a colossal turn off.

There would need to be a near equal balance amongst all patricipants also, which means significant poorer countries like Poland, Greece, Portugal etc. would complicate everything. Like the EU itself, it should have only included UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and then maybe Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria etc. but like the EU it just inevitably spirals out of control.

i like euros for holidays and playing football against them, but we're us and they're them and that suits me, simple as