Convince me that he did anything wrong. The man was a genius

Convince me that he did anything wrong. The man was a genius

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Killing people?

What was his whole shtick?

He blue up a childcare center knowing innocent kids were there

Killing people, then justifying that those grad students he killed were just doing surrogate activities. NO SHIT THEY WERE TED, SO WHERE YOU WHEN YOU WORKED AS A TEACHING ASSISTANT AND ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR. Maybe they also were merely working to afford a cabin in the woods.

wtf I hate ted now

whoops wrong bomber was thinking of McVeigh

>He blue up

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>I hate The System and the people responsible for it!
>Proceeds to blow up random computer clerks and grad students

He was the original Yas Forums brainlet.

Child prodigy, really really smart (>160 IQ) attended uni at age 16
Joined psychology study (which was a CIA interrogation study in disguise)
Got fucked up by said study and became an isolated incel
Moved to live in solitary
Develop intense hatred of society
Decide to get back back at society
Send bombs to a bunch of academics and professors and a failed bomb that was supposed to take down an airliner
Public doesn't like him
Send a bomb that kills an oil executive
Ecoanarchists in the 90s say "wtf we love ted now"
Write manifesto, actually very good document but wtf killing people
Gets caught
Edgy sub-90 IQ incels think we should all live like Ted now.

>Almost everyone will agree that we live in a deeply troubled society. One of the most widespread manifestations of the craziness of our world is leftism, so a discussion of the psychology of leftism can serve as an introduction to the discussion of the problems of modern society in general.
this man has a point, im going to read more of it

fug you im retarded its like 2 earky i hqavnt had cogfffee

It's a good read, but his prediction of the course of genetic studies as well as development of computer science and AI is quite different from how it actually turned out though. Nevertheless, he makes some really good arguments.

What do they think they achieve by only killing the victims of the system they hate?

>160 IQ
>attended university at age 16
does not add up

Read this and tell me he isn't 100% correct. I don't approve of the bombings though. If he became a writer he could have had millions of followers.

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>university professors have secure employment with comfortable salaries
Stopped right there. Professors earn crap, and tenure is almost extinct these days. Also, they get fired for having the wrong ideas, just look at what happened to Jordan Peterson or Bret Weinstein.

He's right in point 13 and 14 though.

What’s with the retarded capitalization? I thought the guy was smart

Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein are loser pseud false prophets

What are you talking about?

He was writing in the 90s when most universities didn’t suck their faculty dry. IIRC Ted was the youngest assistant professor in Berkeley’s history

He was basically a Yas Forumstard with a calculator taped to his head.

>millions of followers
He clearly didn’t want that retard. If they had just left him alone

The point is that both were celebrated and successful professors with "secure employment", until it turned out that it wasn't so secure after all. Ted is implying that academic professors enjoy white male privilege, which is ridiculous since white males are the only group that can be openly attacked for their gender and race and sexuality.

Crunching numbers slightly faster than your colleagues doesn’t make you a genius user. Show me one genius move the Unabomber made in his entire life.

I know, I'm just saying that Ted is implying that professors enjoy white male privilege. See

He cute

>Show me one genius move the Unabomber made in his entire life.
not a "move" but his manifesto was obviously written by a person with some intelligence

Read the manifesto dumb cunt

i have and its not that good

he fully intended to bring down an airplane filled with 78 normal people, and he very nearly succeeded

He was a schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur

He was in fact neither. He was just a genious with a sadistic psychopathic streak.

>Almost everyone will agree that we live in a deeply troubled society

so this is the power of 160iq Argumentum ad populum...

user, that's not how iq is calculated.....

>doesn't understand what argument from popularity means
That's clearly a statement, not an argument you retard.

>man was a genius

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It wasn't so much that he wanted to crusade against society. Megacorps kept buying and destroying places he liked and he decided that there was no way for anyone to properly drop out of the system without abolishing it.

>Nooo you can’t just bring down a plane to show people how fragile our modern technology is!!!! Not the heckin casualtyrinos!!

killing people was pointless but you can't deny he was very aware of everything going on and well spoken enough to explain it

I don’t see why idiots like Charles Manson and David Koresh are idolized while this guy is virtually ignored by the world.

>we live in a society
a statement

>we live in a deeply troubled society
an opinion

he was an incel

because they were beta losers and Kaczynski was smarter than any mainstream thinker or infamous terrorist?

People like Edward Abbey already existed and never got a big following.

>Megacorps kept buying and destroying places he liked
If you by megacorps mean that his neighbour's one-man sawmill bugged the hell out of him, then yes.

>he decided that there was no way for anyone to properly drop out of the system without abolishing it.
Ted never believed that he could single-handedly bring down the system, and if you listen to the prison interview tapes, he outright states that his sole motivation for the bombings was motivated by revenge. Only after he killed the oil PR guy and a bunch of ecoanarchists openly celebrated him did he think that he could use the bombings as a political argument

Anyone who ruins their life for a dumb ideology is a brainlet.

Ted was a Chad who played the FBI like the idiots they are. If his brother didn't rat him out he'd probably still be free today

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Both are statements. I've used "X is widely known/understood to be Y" plenty of times in my academic writings, and none of the reviewers have ever complained about that.

Indeed he was.

You've never been on /g/ I take it? He's celebrated by neo-luddites and ecoterrorists all over the place.

>put a bomb on a plane to show people how vulnerable planes are to people putting bombs on them
>bomb doesn't even explode
The Industrial Society wins again

What do Tedcels think of Pol Pot

Ted would have fucking hated /g/. Literally the newest incarnation of industrial garbage to subjugate humans into neoslavery

Many people have come to the same conclusions independently, they're very basic.

The odds that he wrote that essay are virtually nil. Read it with a keen eye. You'll notice that he spends almost all of it punching down. It has Langley fingerprints all over it.
The context is lost today because anons don't realise how terrified the powers-that-be were of the nascent radical environmentalist movement, the groups that believed in physical force terrorism. The Unabomber was their attempt to blackwash them.

He looks like a nice guy

Oh yes, I definitively agree. I also find it funny when I point out the hypocrisy of using technology that allows them to speak directly with strangers across the globe in an instant to discuss views of how bad that technology is, but they usually get very butthurd and the tedcel janny always delete my post and try to get me banned (temporarily blocks me until a mod can review it).

hes diagnostic are good but the soltution are insane

He was 100% correct in his ideology but was too disconnected from reality to realize that his terrorism wouldn't inspire people at all, only turn them against him

These threads fucking scare me. Some of you need some serious psychiatric help. I fucking miss when this website was just "haha lol cat is cute :D".

why do you guys think his brother snitched?

Why? No one except the trolls in this thread are saying the killings were correct. His political analysis is razor sharp though

Doesn't Ted say that it's okay to use modern technology to work to end industrial society

t. teenager desperate to stay in his delusional video game world

Watch the interview of him? He says why.

probably because he felt guilty that people had actually died from Teddy's bombs

Sure. Not to shitpost about the GNU/Linux distinction or masturbate over mechanical keyboards though

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