What are your thoughts on the Nordic phenotype?

What are your thoughts on the Nordic phenotype?

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nothing worse than being nordic

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Dios mio...cuida me...la pesadilla...el ogro del norte...

ah yes, this is me

Surely fake they dont look same at all

Are you face blind?

It's over

I don't pay attention to "phenotypes"

Surely you do since phenotype just means what people look like.


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>What are your thoughts on the Nordic phenotype?
It's perfect and I wish I personally possessed it

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Simple looks handsome here

Strong mongol genes

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Depends on which one

Nords have the best genes

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We invented all civilizations especially Greece and Rome

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Happened to me as well, not that badly but still

my ancestor :)

Don't forget that we bring civilization to you first.

The cope on this thread ay

t. mongolo

goddamn, i actually muttered loudly "fuuuck" when i saw what became of him

Aren't you ashamed of the rapebabies you created?

black people but pale

No, arent you?

Best phenotype

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I pay attention to individual appearences like most.
I don't pay attention to what look fits in whatever particular "phenotype"

orange man good