>what was the most scandalous incident in your school?

3 girls were caught smoking for fun in the toilets

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guy in my class hung himself on the swingset outside the school

there was a lot of suicides but that was the only one I was familiar with

One of the students fell from a balcony during a school trip while drunk. Teachers were also drunk.
We were all drunk.

This happened about a decade after I graduated but some kid was caught video taping the bathrooms
While I was there, I guess it would probably when some kid kill themselves by jumping off the parking lot of the local library.

Can't remember any school wide scandals, tbqh.
But one dud in our class couldn't do his IT homework because police came and took his PC. His story was that his bigger brother made some nude celebrity fake pics and posted them online, but we called for bullshit and everyone assumed the party van came to him for CP.

right after I graduated a kid from my high school murdered his parents then himself

Big fight between based farmers and dumb shitkins. Farmers won. Also some girl had her nudes leaked. I'm from 93 nowadays leaked nudes are common as fuck. It's a blessing that social media wasn't a big thing during my childhood

I guess teachers being stabbed

Did they got publicly stoned for it ??

2 10th graders gangbanged a teacher

Girl cut her wrists pretty bad in the toilets and paramedics had to smash the cubicle door
year 10 me found it funny at the time because i was edgy but it's pretty upsetting to think about now desu

12 year old girl got pregnant. Also, some lad bought a gun into school.

No just caned on the hand and parents called

Worst was when a teacher smacked the class clown/nuisance while drunken and it went to court

When I was only in middle school a similar thing happened, some kid cut himself with a pair of scissors in the bathroom and was bleeding pretty badly

was he a schizo or something?

One guy fucked a lot of girls, it turned out he had AIDS. Also, another guy almost killed a teacher in fight.

no idea they probably abused him idk

Classmates got pregnant, didn't feel very scandalous t bh

I just remembered, I was told some students were tartgeted and killed in a drive by shooting, but that was before I studied there

How did he catch AIDS ? How many girls were pozzed ? He was a chad or they were easy sluts

There was a bomb threat once

Some dude robbed a bus driver with a baseball bat he made in woodworking class. We weren't allowed to make baseball bats after that

Just the usual suicides. A few years after I graduated the school accountant (who everyone knew because he was always in the office) went to prison for embezzling school funds.

>How did he catch AIDS ?
idk, didn't know him
>How many girls were pozzed ?
From what I was told like 60
>He was a chad or they were easy sluts
Probably both.

Chilean girls a whores ? How do you fuck 60 girls in High School

Some Italian dude published a bunch of fraudulent research on synthetic trachea transplants leading to several peoples death

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a girl sprayed pepper spray in class

wtf why are European schools so metal?
>nuked leaks
>actually killing people

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>Chilean girls a whores ?
Women always want to fuck chad, same as most men want to fuck stacy.
>How do you fuck 60 girls in High School
I wish I knew how.

One of my mates streaked through physics class.
Another of my mates sprayed pepper spray in school.

The dean's son murdered her other son because his music was too loud

>what was the most scandalous incident in your school?
The big brother of a friend blew up a toilet during playground time. We also had a carzy-ass weirdo who fapped during the classes and insulted teachers. Classes with him were awesome. I don't know what happened to him.